I've got some good news if you're looking to score a spring deal on winter gear for your baby! aden...
I've got some good news if you're looking to score a spring deal on winter gear for your baby! aden + anais is having a sale on their Winter Warmth and Dream blankets.


These are great baby blankets too. Here's the 411... aden + anais Winter Warmth Blankets are double layer wraps that allow you to safely swaddle your baby perfectly for cool weather. These are great for winter or crisp spring and Autumn days. aden + anais uses soft, open-weave natural, breathable muslin fabric that help your baby's body temperature adjust naturally. Muslin allows for natural air flow so your baby will remain cozy and warm, without overheating. PLUS you won't believe how adorable these blankets are! I love the colors and designs. It's hard to pick a fave, but you know me, I managed...


Neutral Spots Muslin Dream Blanket


Pink Spots Winter Warmth - 2 PACK

Winter Warmth Swaddles are on sale for right now for just $29.95 (normally $49.95) and Dream Blankets are on sale for $39.95 (normally $59.95) - An amazing deal! To score this deal visit aden + anais and enter promo code "wintersale” to receive the discount. BUT WAIT! You might be able to get one of the cozy Winter Warmth blankets for FREE. That's right, thanks to aden + anais, Pregnancy & Baby has a special giveaway coming up later today. Stay tuned for details.

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