Oh my gosh folks - the sun came out! IN OREGON. In spring. Wow is right and it's got me...
Oh my gosh folks - the sun came out! IN OREGON. In spring. Wow is right and it's got me in the mood for some cute spring baby gear. Check out these spring baby picks...


Bodemi Girls Jungle Safari Kiki Halter Dress and Bodemi Whimsical Flowers Little Girls Kiki Halter Dress - both are adorable for spring and come in sizes 6 mos+. yhst-40932380282865_2045_118994012.jpgyhst-40932380282865_2048_91183473.jpg C'est La Vie Baby Boys Modern Monkey Overall Set and Happy Birds Unisex Organic Baby Onesie Set - overall shorts are great warm weather wear and the happy birds set is too cute! Visit Polkadot Patch Boutique to see lots more great warm weather clothing for tots - even some organic baby clothing choices.

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