Some babies are pros at freaking their parents out. Mainly by taking on oddball habits such as head banging or...
Some babies are pros at freaking their parents out. Mainly by taking on oddball habits such as head banging or rocking excessively. Some odd habits you may not have heard of, but could encounter involve your baby's eyes.


Blinking A LOT!: Once your baby discovers his eyes move up and down at will, he could become overly obsessed with blinking. For a parent who has never seen their baby rapidly blinking for what seems like hours at a time, this can be disconcerting. You may think your tot has eye problems, like trouble seeing. However, many babies pick up the blinking habit for a while, then get bored, and the habit dies out. Squinting: This is another eye habit that babies can pick up. They may do this most when in a new environment just to see what changes when they squint. They also might just do it whenever because things look different and new when you squint - ah, free baby entertainment. WHEN TO WORRY: Both of the above are pretty common baby habits. Normally you don't need to worry. You should be concerned if rapid and continual blinking or frequent squinting occurs ALONG with another odd symptom like.. Your baby seems to have trouble focusing her eyes or your baby doesn't seem to recognize anyone or anything, even people and items she's around a lot you should call her doctor as soon as possible. It could be a sign of something serious. If these habit seem to last months and months, but no other weird symptoms are showing, it could be a sign of a problem or it could be your baby is addicted to her habit, and will just do it longer than some other babies. If this is the case, don't worry too much but you can bring it up at her next checkup. To learn more about baby vision, read the following: 

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