Some parents are dead set against pacifiers. Personally, I think there are worse things you could give your baby. My...
Some parents are dead set against pacifiers. Personally, I think there are worse things you could give your baby. My son used one, because while I was into breastfeeding, I was not happy being a human pacifier and my son, like many babies loved to suck - it soothed him. He liked the pacifier just fine, and I wasn't walking around shirtless all day!


That said, keep these do's and don'ts in mind: Don't assume that all babies like pacifiers. My best friend's baby girl wouldn't use a pacifier if you paid her in fun baby toys. She was just anti pacifiers. Don't force them on your baby and have a back-up soother method ready in case it doesn't work. Do make sure breastfeeding is well-established before you give your baby a pacifier. Don't use pacifiers attached to long strings (with clips) these can get wrapped around your baby's neck and choke her. Do always have an extra on hand - of your baby's favorite brand. Many tots get attached to one specific pacifier and it sucks to be you if you lose the only one you have. Don't use them forever. Most experts note that sometime after the age of four years is too long and may result in dental problems. Do watch for breakage. A nipple that's cracked can pose a choking hazard. Does your little one love his pacifier?

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