Why bother teaching your baby sign language? Babies can work on skills as they work on their sign language. Babies...
Why bother teaching your baby sign language?
  • baby-sign_language-baby-skills-with-sign-languageBabies can work on skills as they work on their sign language.
  • Babies can usually be taught signs before they learn simple speech which helps you when your baby wants food, the potty, or a book.
  • Late talkers may benefit from having a different way to communicate.
  • Babies and young children learn new languages easier than adults. When you teach your baby to sign, you're giving him another language reference at an age he can easily pick it up.
  • Some experts believe that certain skills, like potty training or picking up are easier taught when tots are under the age of two, when they're less stubborn. However, since tots this age have limited language skills, sign can be one way to help teach the above skills.
Good signs to teach your baby (click on the link to learn the sign): You can also get a good baby sign book at your local library, such as, The Baby Signing Book: 350 ASL Signs for Babies and Toddlers.

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