If you're still looking for that perfect summer swimsuit, one that will work with your expanding belly, take a look...
If you're still looking for that perfect summer swimsuit, one that will work with your expanding belly, take a look at these beautiful picks...


Prego Brown Delmar Trimkini - this is maybe the cutest maternity tankini I've ever seen. This suit features an adorable pink and brown floral print, halter neckline, brown trim to match the underbelly brown bottoms, empire waist, molded cups for comfort and support, and sweet ties at neck for full blown adjustment. I LOVE it. A suit this cute almost makes being pregnant in the hot summer not so bad.


Prego Brown Retro Dot Hipkini - this is another shade of brown (is brown the new black?) but more mod, less floral - still ultra cute. Features match the Delmar Trimkini above.


Not so into brown? Still think black is the new black? How about black with a splash of color with the Prego Baja Halterkini. I really like this suit. The colors are beautiful, the design is to die for, plus the halter shows off some of that cute little (big) preggers belly of yours. There's also an adjustable tie halter top and built in soft-cup padding to provide support throughout your pregnancy. See more maternity swimwear at Pickles & Ice Cream.

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