As a new mama the most important thing you can do is line up a support team before your baby...
As a new mama the most important thing you can do is line up a support team before your baby arrives. Support can come in many forms. Following are just some ideas...

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Get family and friends on board. Too often we turn down free help from those around us. If you don't want pals coming over to help because your house is a mess, don't worry. People get that new parents lack cleaning time. Talk to your friends and family and make your needs clear. Maybe you need some frozen meals or someone to watch your baby while you nap or exercise. The only time I suggest turning down help is when it will stress you out more - i.e the MIL who criticizes everything you do or does expect a clean house. Hire a postpartum doula or nanny. If you've got the extra money a postpartum doula can be a lifesaver. Not only will a postpartum doula help you out with baby care but she's usually trained to help you figure out breastfeeding, baby schedules, personal mama care issues, and more. A nanny is another good option but a nanny is more there for the baby care not mama care which is why I suggest a postpartum doula first. Having multiples? Multiple babies require more support and The National Organization of Mothers of Twins Clubs (NOMOTC) was set up to provide that support. This organization has about 500 clubs all across the country you can hook up with plus tons of great info you need at their website. Meet some other mamas. Hands down, other mamas will be your biggest support. They know what you're going through, they're up in the middle of the night just like you, they never tire of hearing about your baby's accomplishments and will even let you whine when you're feeling tired. To meet some other mamas read:

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