I had exactly one breast infection while I was nursing my son and it was terrible with a capital T....
I had exactly one breast infection while I was nursing my son and it was terrible with a capital T. I actually waited about a day and a half to go see the doctor, which I shouldn't have. If you are breastfeeding and have any of the following symptoms; severe soreness, feeling of hardness in one or both breasts, fever or chills, your breasts feel hot, your breasts look redder than usual, head to the doctors asap... Breast infections, or mastitis occur in one or both breasts. This infection is thought to be caused by one of or a combination of the following issues - your low immune system from being overly tired, failure to empty your breasts at each feeding, or germs that make their way to your milk ducts via a crack in the nipple. It's said that mastitis is most common in newly feeding mamas, say when your baby is about 28 days old or so. However, I got one when my son was about six months old so don't rule them out later on. You'll be able to tell because your breasts will be sore to the point of tears - mine were anyhow. It hurt to feed my baby or even to be awake. I got the usual treatment of antibiotics and rest, and felt better within days, but pain like that you don't easily forget. What to do:
  • See your doctor right away - the faster you get antibiotics the quicker the pain will stop.
  • Keep breastfeeding - which yes will hurt a lot but it's better to empty your breasts. Your baby can't catch any sort of breast infection germs from you so it's safe - in fact if germs caused your infection they probably came from your baby in the first place. If it hurts too much to nurse at all try pumping gently or laying in a warm tub and squeezing the milk out by hand.
  • Get lots of rest and drink fluids.
  • Take all your antibiotics. You'll feel better before they're gone but take all the pills so you don't get a second infection.

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