Newborn baby skin can be a surprise from pimples to blotches to dryness; here's how to cope... Newborn rashes: Most...
Newborn baby skin can be a surprise from pimples to blotches to dryness; here's how to cope...

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Newborn rashes: Most baby rashes you'll see won't cause any lasting harm. If your baby has red skin around the diaper area, that's a sure sign of diaper rash. Diaper rashes most often occur because of skin irritation due to wet diapers that are left on too long or diapers that are too tight. Make sure your baby is in the right size diaper and change him often. Use petroleum jelly to block wetness from hitting the skin and for rashes that are already evident try a zinc oxide cream or better yet a natural diaper rash cream. Baby acne: This is common and doesn't require treatment. In the womb your baby is exposed to your hormones which can boost oil production and clog pores. Baby pimples look odd, but usually clear up soon all on their own. Lotion or creams may clog pores more so just leave them alone. Eczema: Looks more blotchy than a typical rash and can be super itchy and red. It usually starts as a weepy rash but later becomes thick, dry, and scaly. You may see this on your baby's face, arms, chest, back, elbows, or even legs. If your baby has eczema he may be having a reaction to a product. Switch to baby safe and gentle laundry detergents and gentle natural baby soaps you can also apply moderate amounts of moisturizers but make sure they're baby safe. Dry skin: Dry skin that's not red is not eczema. Dry skin is common because your baby has been swimming in liquid environment for nine months and now his fragile skin is exposed to air and elements. As he ages dry skin should clear up on its own. Cradle cap: The dry flaky white you see on your baby's head is caused by excess oil. It can also show up on your baby's nose, eyebrows, eyelids, or behind the ears. It looks a little waxy and scaly and can also be a reddish rash. Sometimes your pediatrician will recommend a special shampoo, baby oil, or cream but often they'll say just let it alone. Cradle cap does go away. Birthmarks: Totally normal, in fact, WebMD notes that 1 in 10 babies is born with one or more birthmarks. These tend to look bigger on a baby because babies are small but they're nothing to worry about.

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