Avoid hard polycarbonate plastic bottles. These contain BPA which you want to stay clear of. BPA has been...


  1. Avoid hard polycarbonate plastic bottles. These contain BPA which you want to stay clear of. BPA has been linked to cancer, impaired functions, and other health issues. Look for bottles made of glass or purchase baby safe, softer plastic, BPA free bottles.
  2. Don't use worn out bottles. If you do have a bottle made of the wrong sort of plastic, one with additional chemicals, a worn out bottle will more easily leach those chemicals into the fluid in the bottle. Once bottles become scratched, cloudy, or otherwise worn out, recycle them.
  3. Make sure nipples are in great shape. Broken nipples pose a huge choking hazard. Make sure you check frequently for little dings, cuts, or worn spots in nipples.
  4. Never heat the bottle directly when preparing breast milk or formula and wash by hand vs. washing in the dishwasher. Heat degrades plastic which can release more of those chemicals in the plastic. Also, this makes your bottle become worn out faster which is a waste of money for you.
  5. Watch what you put in that bottle. Pumped breast milk is best, but formula prepared safely is another good choice for some parents. You should limit the juice and water in your baby's bottle because these fluids fill your baby up without providing the nutrition he needs. Never ever put cereal or other food or soda pop into a bottle. This is terrible for your baby's teeth and can cause him to choke.

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Blankets come in different weaves, too, usually a dense, smooth weave for woollen bedding, waffle weave for cotton blankets and a loose knit often used in throws or more casual blankets. Wool and cotton blankets can be bought in standard bedding sizes and tucked under the mattress, over sheets, for a formal look. Smaller sizes, often called throws, can be used to add extra warmth or a decorative finish..

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