With Halloween quickly approaching, it's smart to find a Halloween costume for your baby sooner rather than later. If you...
With Halloween quickly approaching, it's smart to find a Halloween costume for your baby sooner rather than later. If you shop at a local store supplies on the best costumes may be limited, and for online shopping, you'll need to consider shipping times - which can be anywhere from days to weeks. Here are some tips to help you choose a safe and fun Halloween costume for your baby.


Perfect Halloween costume for baby!

Choose a warm costume: In most areas it's pretty chilly by Halloween. If you're taking your baby along with older kids for trick or treating, make sure he's warm enough. A costume with long legs and sleeves can help, as can a cute Halloween hat and socks. If you're going to be inside, say for a Halloween party, make sure the costume is not overly warm for your baby, or get a costume that can be adjusted for temperature. Go with a larger costume than you think you need: Babies grow super speed fast. If you buy a costume a month early, it could be too small by Halloween. Still, it's smart to prepare early in my opinion, so just get a costume that's a little bigger than your baby is now. Baby costume safety points: Long strings, small buttons, patches that come off, and other removable parts can all choke a baby. If your baby is a walker, and he'll be going out trick or treating with you, choose a brightly covered costume. Choose a comfortable baby costume: Make sure your baby can crawl or walk easily in his costume (if he's old enough), and make sure it comfortable to sleep in. Get a costume made with non itchy material and if possible one that's tag-free. Avoid costume drama: Make sure you find a costume that makes diaper changes easy. If you get a costume with a hat or hood it should be removable because many babies hate hoods and hats. Of course for parents, a machine washable costume is a huge perk. What sort of costume will your baby be getting this Halloween?

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