Halloween is sort of a bittersweet time for parents of babies - yeah the baby Halloween costumes are adorable, but...
Halloween is sort of a bittersweet time for parents of babies - yeah the baby Halloween costumes are adorable, but babies can't really eat most Halloween treats. Most Halloween treats just aren't safe (such as the candy corn below) and can pose major choking hazards for wee babes who are new to solid foods.


Babies CAN NOT have:
  • Hard candy, lollies, candy corn, or really any small candies
  • Popcorn
  • Sticky candy such as taffy
  • Gummy candy like gummy worms or bears
  • Chocolates filled with nuts, peanut butter, or honey
  • Pumpkin seeds
All of the above pose a choking risk. So do many of the wrappers. This means if you have older kiddos, you need to be super sure that all candy is kept up and out of reach and that your older kids throw their wrappers away. To be double safe make sure that you read - How to help a choking baby. Safe Halloween treats and pumpkin goodness for babies: However, remember to always brush your baby’s teeth after he has a safe Halloween treat. Safe treats can also cause cavities. You can also skip the edible treats altogether and instead get your little one a fun My First Halloween play set.

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