When it comes to stocking up on baby gear, people will literally try to sell you anything and everything. From...
When it comes to stocking up on baby gear, people will literally try to sell you anything and everything. From diaper wipe warmers to baby bottled water and special detergent for your baby's clothing, it can be insane. By the way, no you don't need wipe warmers, bottled water or special detergent. Knowing which baby gear to avoid, and which you actually need, is a great way to save money on baby gear. Other items you absolutely will never need include... A baby carriage: Baby carriages serve pretty much one purpose only - they look hyper cool. Who doesn't love a classic baby carriage? However, they're also totally unnecessary and a waste of money. Your baby is only going to be laying around on his back for six months. Then he'll learn to sit up and can use a real stroller. A better bet than a carriage is a baby carrier. Not only is it a better deal (you'll use it more) but your baby will stay calmer when attached to you vs. being laid in a carriage. Baby bathtub with attached sprayer: Waste o' money - buy a simple baby bathtub and use a cup to pour warm water on your baby. One, most babies hate being sprayed when little, two those sprayer attachments almost never work well, and two, you'll have to clean not only the tub but also the hose and hose attachments. Bottle sterilizer: If you're not breastfeeding exclusively you will have bottles to clean, but a bottle sterilizer takes up precious counter space and is unnecessary. Putting all bottle components into the dishwasher or boiling them for a few minutes works just the same.

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