I recently heard about Co-Abode, a single mama resource that hooks single mamas up (much like a match-making dating service)...
I recently heard about Co-Abode, a single mama resource that hooks single mamas up (much like a match-making dating service) so that said mamas can pool their resources - i.e. lower rent costs, food costs, gain support, and more. The CoAbode Single Mothers House Sharing offers many benefits such as...
  • Allowing you to afford a better house or apartment, within a safer school district
  • You can halve the cost of rent and overhead expenses, freeing up much needed resources
  • Living with another mama can seriously lighten the burden of daily chores such as cooking, grocery shopping, laundry, homework, carpooling and child supervisions so that you are less tired and stressed out and better able to provide for your kids and yourself
  • Divorced mama may even be able to hang on to the family home by bringing in a mom roommate to help cover expenses
  • Support is offered for those mamas who are coming from an abusive situation
From what I've heard, mamas who have tried it really love this resource. Support is very important if you're a single mama. The right support allows you to be a better mama, gives you more time with your kids, and helps you stay emotionally grounded. I've been there - I was a single mama for years, and while I had outside of the home support, a service like this would have been really awesome. Visit CoAbode Single Mothers House Sharing to learn more or check out these other single mama resources:

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