If you're expecting twins you can also expect twice the diapers, twice the lack of sleep, and twice the breastfeeding...
If you're expecting twins you can also expect twice the diapers, twice the lack of sleep, and twice the breastfeeding (yikes). However, on the plus side you also get twice the kisses, twice the personality (fun), and twice the love. Here's some fast and helpful facts about twins.

having twins

Now, more than ever before, you're more likely to have twins. Twin birth rates have skyrocketed to an all-time high, increasing almost 70% in the last half decade. If you have fertility treatments or are an older mama, you're even more likely to have twins. Line up your resources stat! Mamas of twins need a lot of support and The National Organization of Mothers of Twins Clubs (NOMOTC) was set up to provide that support. This organization has about 500 clubs all across the country you can hook up with. You can also line up some general parenting support. Double babies make for a lot more work but when you're feeling blue remind yourself that your babies are in good company. Scarlett Johansson, Ashton Kutcher and dozens of other famous people who turned out a-ok are twins. Find the perfect twin names for your pair. Breastfeeding just one baby can seem overwhelming, but you can breastfeed twins with a little know-how. Read one mama's personal account of what it's like to breastfeed twins. If you're having twins you can save some money by browsing all the deals for twins out there. Multiple companies offer special deals just for baby pairs. Consider if it's safe for your twins to co-sleep. Shop online whenever possible. One baby on an outing is tough. Two can be more difficult. Don't stay tucked in at home 24/7, because you need to get out, but if all you need is baby food, groceries or diapers find a store that delivers. Learn more from one mama of triplets below!

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