No one on earth is going to promise you a pain-free ultra short labor (and if they do they're likely...
No one on earth is going to promise you a pain-free ultra short labor (and if they do they're likely selling something) but you can try some things that can help make labor progress smoother and possible cut some of the pain. Move, move, and move some more: Movement is awesome - both during pregnancy and during labor. Movement before (i.e. regular exercise) has been shown to have less painful labors. Technically mamas who exercise more often during their pregnancy tend to request fewer pain meds during labor. Maybe it's because labor hurts less if you stay in shape or maybe your body is just better able to deal but either way it's a win-win situation. You should try to fit in at least 30 minutes of exercise on most days of the week unless your prenatal provider says it's unsafe. During labor staying upright and walking helps you use gravity in your favor (yup, that baby is going to come down and out). If you're not up for walking sitting on a birthing ball and gently rolling back and fourth has also been shown to improve the labor experience. Sleep a lot: Mamas who head into labor well rested fair better than tired mamas. This is pretty much a no brainer. Labor and birth are hard work so obviously you should sleep a lot before hand. Still if you need proof, a 2004 University of California study showed that women in their third trimester who averaged less than six hours of sleep per night had significantly longer labors and more c-sections than mamas who got enough shut eye. Take it from me - sleep is hard to come by after the baby arrives. Sleep now for a better labor and a better new parent experience. Reconsider if it's time to go to the hospital yet: Here's something you may not realize, the longer you labor at home the better. Hospitals are fine and dandy, unless you're trying to concentrate to avoid labor pain. Hospitals are full of flashing lights, code calls, loud noises, and nothing is familiar. You'll also be exposed to new people, interruptions, and more obnoxious stuff plus the second you get to the hospital the risk of labor interventions becomes very real. Stay home as long as you can. Most experts agree that unless your contractions are closer than five minutes apart OR you have some underlying condition that's troubling your midwife or doctor it's safe to stay put. Most health care providers at hospitals think that if your water breaks you should go straight to the hospital. I DO NOT agree but I'm also not your health care provider. If you aren't sure whether you should stay home or go to the hospital call your midwife or doctor and ask, but the longer you can put it off the smoother your labor is likely to go.

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