I've seen a ton of iPhone apps but never one like the new iLetDown. This iPhone application aims to help...
I've seen a ton of iPhone apps but never one like the new iLetDown. This iPhone application aims to help mamas who need to pump breast milk at work do so more efficiently. You may have heard that looking at an image of your baby can help with milk let-down. This is a tool that can really help when pumping milk is difficult. The iLetDown application tries to achieve this by providing psychovisual and psychoacoustic cues to stimulate your let-down, or milk-ejection reflex.


How it works: Get your pump ready and tap on iLetDown. A picture of a sleeping baby will appear, and you’ll hear the sounds of a hungry baby. The images and sounds put you in the right frame of mind for pumping breast milk. Features:
  • Exchange the random baby picture for a picture of your own baby. The app is fast and easy plus you don't have to carry around a real picture of your baby which might get ruined. The image of your baby can be safely stored on your iPhone.
  • Choose from different hungry baby sounds.
  • Available on iPhone for $1.99 from the iTunes shop.
This is a pretty cool app for mamas who need to pump at work - just remember to use your earphones; the last thing you need is for your co-workers to be hunting down hungry baby sounds. What do you think of this unusual application? Would you try it?

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