They may not smell like fresh baked cookies, but it's true, babies smell totally delicious. There's nothing else like it...
They may not smell like fresh baked cookies, but it's true, babies smell totally delicious. There's nothing else like it in the world, and for those who want the nitty gritty on why, well, the answer may be this... Zero sweat - while some people (even when they're sweaty) smell fab to us, babies don't have sweat glands that have kicked into gear yet. No sweat means no possibility for unappealing sweaty odor. Sweat glands usually start becoming active around puberty so until then your little one has a nicer scent. You are addicted to your baby - some studies show that all babies have their own personal scent - in fact some mamas in past studies have been able to pick their baby out of a line-up based on scent alone. Your baby's scent is one way you recognize her, so of course you'll likely be attached to it. All that baby gear - honestly, baby products smell good. Baby shampoo, baby lotion, and even diapers with powder fresh scents. All of this stuff can linger on your baby and make her smell even better. Note though, scents in baby items aren't always a good thing. Fragrances can cause allergic reactions to some skin, especially gentle baby skin. When you can aim for fragrance free baby products or try great smelling, but still natural baby products such as Earth Mama Angel Baby.

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