Looking for breastfeeding support? BestMilk Bistro is a cool Breastfeeding Support Group which is free and open to nursing moms...
Looking for breastfeeding support? BestMilk Bistro is a cool Breastfeeding Support Group which is free and open to nursing moms and babies of any age. Their goal is to create, " A culture of breastfeeding in which we celebrate the wonderful choice to give our babies the very Best!" BestMilk Bistro advocates that breastfeeding is normal, healthy and "Truly a beautiful gift from the heart." The group provides support and encouragement for mamas who embark on the breastfeeding journey. One of the coolest parts of the group's Facebook page are their posted images. They've got the new Brazilian breastfeeding ad posted (see below) and it rocks. Look closely to see the real image :)

A great play on the concept of breastfeeding, and necessary too. According to government figures, only 8% of Brazilian women follow feed their baby breast milk for the first six months of life. Most women in Brazil do breastfeed, but for limited periods of time and rarely exclusively, so the The Brazilian national breastfeeding promotion program steps in with ads like this to promote better breastfeeding practices. It's a great ad.

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