Breastfed Babies Learn Food Self Regulation Much Better Than Their Bottle-Fed Peers.

It's Breastfeeding Awareness Month, which means lots of cool breastfeeding tips. Tips like this one - babies who are breastfed,...
It's Breastfeeding Awareness Month, which means lots of cool breastfeeding tips. Tips like this one - babies who are breastfed, rather than bottle fed tend to consume less later in infancy new research suggests. Self regulation of food is important right from the start, and breastfed babies simply do better in this department. Most importantly, this sort of food self-regulation may be a key reason why past research has found that breastfeeding protects against obesity. Researchers in the study note that mamas should breastfeed on demand, and watch for cues from their baby that say, "I'm still hungry" or, "I've had enough." The study authors found that babies who were fed from bottles ate more than they should later on - basically, eating when not hungry. The researchers assume that this is because breastfeeding is usually directed by the baby, but bottle-feeding is directed by the caregiver and can lead to overfeeding. Another possibility is that a mama's milk changes from feeding to feeding and fat content changes as well, which may send a signal to a baby that it's time to stop eating. Self regulation will help your baby make smarter eating choices later on, and may even help combat obesity. Just another awesome reason to give breastfeeding a whirl. Results of the study were released online May 10, in advance of publication, in the June print issue of the journal Pediatrics. *Source

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