Which Herbal And Dietary Supplements Are Safe During Pregnancy?

A number of women take herbal supplements and other dietary supplements before they become pregnant. But, is it safe to...
A number of women take herbal supplements and other dietary supplements before they become pregnant. But, is it safe to continue these after you're pregnant?

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We all know street drugs, smoking and alcohol are terrible to use during pregnancy. However, is there really any harm in a little ol' supplement? Especially a supplement made with natural herbs? There could be a lot wrong with a natural supplement. According to the March of Dimes, you shouldn't consider any sort of drug safe (yup, supplements of any kind are considered a drug) during pregnancy. They suggest that before you take anything - a vitamin, a medication, even a TUMS that you speak with your midwife or doctor first. Some natural supplements and dietary supplements are very dangerious during pregnancy. For example, did you know that many herbs can induce labor? While a herb like Marjoram or Angelica can be eaten in a culinary dish, once in essential oil or herbal pill form, these herbs (and many others) can cause early labor. Even something as safe sounding as Vitamin A isn't always safe. Vitamin A in high doses may cause birth defects according to the March of Dimes. Also, as the March of Dimes points out, not all supplements and herbal ingredients have been tested for safety during pregnancy, so it's hard to be sure if a supplement is safe or not. The bottom line: If you're pregnant, know that what you ingest can cross the placenta and also affect your baby. The best way to get all your vitamins is to eat a healthy pregnancy diet. Lastly, you should never consider any medication or supplement safe unless you've discussed it with your midwife or doctor and they've given you the go ahead.

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