C-Sections Rates Keep Rising And Rising Without Good Reasons To Back Those Rates Up.

According to experts at the National Institutes of Health, the national c-section rate is only going to keep rising. Bad...
According to experts at the National Institutes of Health, the national c-section rate is only going to keep rising. Bad news since almost all birth experts conclude that the USA rate for c-sections is way overblown. In fact, c-section rates have risen more than 50%, on average, since the 1990s. How big a deal is it? The rising c-section rate is actually a huge deal. C-sections are a major surgical procedure, not just some easy birth intervention. There are tons of complications that can result due to c-section such as babies born after elective repeat cesarean delivery have significantly higher rates of respiratory morbidity and NICU-admission and have longer hospital stays. Mamas who have c-sections are prone to infection, a longer recovery time frame, decreased baby-mama bonding and more. See more scary c-sections facts. Why are c-section rates so high in the USA? In Scandinavian countries the c-section rates hover in the 20% range, and the researchers from NIH note that there's absolutely no evidence of ill-effects for mothers or babies. So why are rates so high here? Researchers with the NIH guess that rates will go up more because...
  • "Many doctors and hospitals follow a policy of 'once a cesarean, always a cesarean'." Which is lame when a VBAC is an option.
  • Due to mothers' weight issues - i.e. weighing too much.
  • Due to women giving birth later in life plus an increase the number of twins and multiple births.
  • The researchers also found evidence that doctors may be opting for a cesarean if a woman encounters difficulties in the early stages of labor - which is insane.
I'm guessing a major reason why rates keep rising is because women don't take enough time to inform themselves about the risks of c-section overuse. Yes, some c-sections are warranted, but the c-section rate here is far too high according to every major health organization on the planet, so there has to be a point where women and families stand up for their own health and say no to c-section abuse. Learn about c-sections before you agree to one: *Source

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