There Are Many Common Breastfeeding Myths You Should Never Fall For.

Breastfeeding is awesome for your baby - and for you. Really. Did you know that October is National Breast Cancer...
Breastfeeding is awesome for your baby - and for you. Really. Did you know that October is National Breast Cancer Awareness Month and that breastfeeding is known to lower your risk for developing breast cancer. That's excellent news. Still, not all breastfeeding news is good. There are plenty of myths surrounding breastfeeding, such as... 1. If you're breastfeeding you can't get pregnant! Yeah, good luck with that. Repeat after me - "Breastfeeding is not birth control." breast milk, breastfed babies, Breastfeeding, breastfeeding myths, breastfeeding problems, breastfeeding support, facts about breast milk, help with breastfeeding, how to breastfeed, how to successfully breastfeed 2. If your diet is less than perfect, it's better to give a baby formula: Nope. Even if your diet sucks eggs, it's still better, for your baby, if you breastfeed. You may run into problems though. A poor diet harms you (the mama) and can make milk production harder. That said, in purely terms of nutritional content, your breast milk is almost always healthiest for your baby unless you're taking illegal street drugs or a medication that your doctor advises you not to take while breastfeeding. 3. Your breasts don't feel full so you must not have enough milk: OR you're simply breastfeeding well and often, as you should be. That uncomfortable engorgement you hear about happens when you don't breastfeed enough or go too long between feedings. Normally, if you're feeding your baby often, your breasts WILL have enough milk, but they won't feel overly full. 4. You can't breastfeed during a crisis: You can and should actually breastfeed during a crisis. Breastfeeding during a very stressful time may lower your stress and keeps your baby hyper healthy. 5. Breastfed babies don't get enough food: Not true. Many mamas think this because their baby is always attached to their chest. It's easy to think, "He's always eating, so he must not be getting enough." However, breastfed babies eat more often than formula fed babies as a rule - formula is heavier. Plus, for many babies breastfeeding is a comfort issue; it's fun and they like to take their time. 6. Breastfeeding makes you thin: Sadly, no. This is a huge myth. Believe me, I've talked to many mamas. In my experience the only thing that makes you lose that baby weight is dedicated exercise and a healthy diet. 7. Breastfeeding means less sleep for mamas: In my case it meant more sleep. Think about it - would you rather get up at 3am, get a bottle, get the formula, heat the formula then feed the baby OR pop out a boob and then continue to sleep as your baby eats? Um... co-sleeping and breastfeeding in bed was one of the only ways I got any sleep with a newborn. Bottles are a ton of work, while most mamas become pro at breastfeeding laying down very quickly. 8. Formula is just as good as breast milk: I'm an advocate for breast or bottle or both - whatever works best for a mama is what IS best for that family. However, nutrition wise, formula cannot beat breast milk. Breast milk is perfectly suited to your baby. Formula, while good for some families is still not as good as breast milk. 9. If you get sick you should switch to formula for a while: This is a bad idea. One, if you're sick with a cold or flu, you can pass immunity on to your baby via breast milk. Two, if you're sick due to a breast infection, breastfeeding will help you not only feel better, but get better quicker. In very few cases will you be so sick that breastfeeding is out of the question. 10. Breastfeeding always hurts: There is sore and then there is pain. Pain when breastfeeding is not normal. If you have pain you one, aren't breastfeeding correctly or two, you may have an infection. Either way, your midwife, doctor or a breastfeeding / lactation consultant can help.


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Ogochukwu84 May 03, 2013
breastfeeding is good for baby. even in the mid-night i slept well than running around preparing his food.
Saffron February 11, 2013
If breastfeeding hurts, you are doing something wrong.
AS November 27, 2012
Breastfeeding CAN make you thin. Breastfeeding burns calories. The purpose in your body gaining extra weight with the baby (not including the baby) is so you have extra fat stores to burn off while breastfeeding. Of course not all people loose weight. It depends on supply (how much you make = calories burned) and how much you eat, so it is wrong to say that it helps you loose weight or it doesn't, but it is fact that milk production burns calories.

And breastfeeding does hurt. I wish that there was a lot more honesty in breastfeeding information. I feel that a lot more women would stick with it if they could be mentally prepared for what MOST (not all) women go through in the first months of nursing.
sara November 26, 2012
I love breastfeeding I feel so close to my daughter.
Danielle November 21, 2012
The discharge paperwork i received from the hospital listed breastfeeding as a form of birth control! lol of course with disclaimers and everything but still
Nata November 08, 2012
Those who say negative stuff about breast feeding. ues, it is not for everyone. But it has been proven to be better the formula. Formula has actually been proven to have healthy hazard to some babies. Google the Emfamil formula recall because of three infants deaths. Again, formula is not bad, but the human race was raised and survived on breastmilk, not formula.
the article made clear distinction of pain and soreness. I don't agree with her, but for some women it completely true. First week of nursing my nipples hurt, the next week they were just sore. Afterwards not problem unless, I let my child latch badly.
And yes, science and medical research has proven our antibodies can pass from mother to child. Which is why breastfed babies are less likely to be as sick as formula fed babies. Breast milk naturally has mama's antibodies and some immunities that pass to baby that boost their own immune system.
And actually more medical studies have shown babies left alone to sleep in their own bed in separate room from parents have a higher chance of SIDS. A baby in a bassinet next to mama do better.
Again formula fed babies can be just as healthy and sometimes even better then some breastfed babies. but studies are based upon majority to minority. And majority shows breast milk is better than formula. Most Breast fed babies are heather than most formulas fed babies, and sleep better. Again, not ALL breast fed babies, but a majority of them.
all this can be backed up with simple research. I recommend the Mayo clinic websites and asking your doctors :)
Linda Kline October 14, 2012
It is NOT a myth that breast feeding DOES hurt for about 2 months when your nipples toughen up. After that its a breeze. Bag balm works great on dried nipples, and a hot wash cloth stuck in your bra works well to release partially blocked milk ducts
Balloon..ey July 14, 2012
"Breastfeeding means less sleep for mamas: In my case it meant more sleep."

Oh c'mon. Nobody is going to buy that. Breastfeeding is a pain and is spleep depriving, boring, and very overrated. Juste browse the internet and read testimonies. BF is very difficult to deal with.
There are no reasons for that BF harrassment, other than ideology.
Anonymous June 24, 2012
First off, breastfeeding does help weight loss, as it burns many calories producing the milk. Secondly, breast milk digests quicker than formula therefore you do lose a bit of sleep due to the fact that you must nurse more often than "making bottles".
Chanterons May 04, 2012
"*Breastfeeding means less sleep for mamas: In my case it meant more sleep. "

C'mon...this is not true for most mothers struggling with BFeeding. Just browse the internet. Bfeeding is a sleep depriver.
Do not lie to push mothers to Bfeed.

"*Formula is still not as good as breast milk"...

As Bmilk benefits have been overrated, I am not conviced AT ALL that it makes a difference in terms of baby health.
Mother's antibodies do not pass through the baby's blood via nursing. The mother's antibodies can only act locally, in other words, at a digestive level. The Kramer study shows that Bfeeding does not protect against allergies, nor asthma. Its only benefit is a slight protection against gastroenteritis. And that is very much it.
But...No higher IQ's, no protection against diseases, allergies, no better interpersonal skills...Breast milk is just milk. Not golden liquid, not a medication.

Also, BFeeding does not protect against cancer. That is a lie. All the studies cited by LLL are full of biais.

"*If you get sick you should switch to formula for a while: This is a bad idea.

I really hate, hate this idea of forcing a poor, sleep deprived, ILL woman, who recently went through pregnancy and childbirthing, to suffer from breastfeeding. Because yes, breastfeeding is painful. I hate this idea that any BABY is more important than his/her mother. Baby is important, so is the mother. It is a win/win relationship. a balance.
And milk is just MILK. Milk. Not a medication, not a magic liquid.
It will NOT impact your child's life.
LLL is responsible for that insanity.
Bill April 16, 2012
What's not mentioned is that some women just don't produce enough milk. For me and my wife that meant weeks of tense arguments with me trying to coax her to try harder and more often to nurse and pump, try herbs, etc... with a screaming frustrated baby. When we finally had a knock down blow up argument and she said forget it I'm done, it turned out to be the best thing for us. As soon as our daughter was on formula exclusively she started sleeping 8 to 12 hours a night, and we got to sleep too, and the tensions eased. Now she's a perfectly healthy 2 year old, who is actually advanced for her age. I think that all the pressure to breast feed and "breast is best" can do harm by causing a lot of guilt in people who can't breastfeed or choose not to, or in our case the huge arguments we went through during an already stressful time.
Anonymous March 20, 2012
For the most part - i love this list! It is not your typical bf myth post. I loved it up until the last point. From personal experience, I think it's actually a myth that breast feeding never hurts if you're doing it "right". I was lucky in that I was producing enough milk and my baby took to the breast right away. However, I was in pain for the first 6 weeks. All of the nurses that tried to help me said that it looked like a good latch but still it hurt and I developed sore, cracked nipples. It just got better with time. I get really frustrated when I see posts about how if you are in pain you aren't doing it right. Is that really supposed to encourage someone having difficulties?? Sometimes it hurts at first, no matter if you're doing it right or wrong. I think the important thing to say is that it DOES get better over time - just stick with it!
Lex March 15, 2012
"pop out a boob and continue to sleep as your baby eats"...NOT a good idea!!!! many cases where the baby has suffocated because the mother has fallen asleep b/f!!!