See Who SheKnows Parents Voted In As The Best Baby, Child And Family Companies Of 2010.

Remember when I told you to skip on over and vote for your favorite mama, baby and family companies and...
Remember when I told you to skip on over and vote for your favorite mama, baby and family companies and products in the 2010 SheKnows Parents' Choice Awards? Well, the winners have been announced, and it's your chance now to see if your faves won. [caption id="attachment_9997" align="aligncenter" width="432" caption="A few SK Parents' Choice Award winners!"][/caption] By the way, in case you're wondering why SheKnows would hold an event like this, well, it's all about you AND about honoring companies who work hard at supporting families. SheKnows managing editor Alison Bills notes, “Launching the SheKnows Parents' Choice Awards allowed us to interact with our community of devoted parents and put the power into their hands... The nominees for each category were carefully reviewed and selected by our editors, which created a strong collection of high-quality products and services. Then the SheKnows parents went to work on selecting their personal favorites." Because you and other SheKnows mama readers picked the winners, these awards are totally reflective of today’s mama, and, as Bills says, "The products and services she relies on for taking care of her family.” Now I of course recommended voting for the green companies on the list, and I'm happy to report that some of my favorite eco-friendly products and companies took home top honors, such as, Kids Konserve; Barley & Birch; Earth Mama Angel Baby; Bum Genius; HappyBaby; Small Plum; PlanToys and more. There are tons of eco-friendly winners, which makes me pretty happy because it shows that mamas are thinking about helping out the planet. See all the 2010 SheKnows Parents' Choice Awards Winners.

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