One of the hardest things for a new parent can be leaving your baby with a sitter for the first...
One of the hardest things for a new parent can be leaving your baby with a sitter for the first time. Actually it's hard even if you're leaving your baby with a grandparent or close friend. Trust me, you'll get used to it though, and the time away will do you good. What helps make the experience a little less nerve wracking is a good checklist for the babysitter. You should have a checklist ready for the sitter each time you go out, and make sure you update it as needed. Your first step is to make a nice baby health book. A good baby health book covers most of what a sitter needs to know about your child's health, such as contact info for all his health care providers and any medication info. After that, write the following extra info down and make sure the sitter knows where it is...
  • The utterly obvious - phone numbers. Your cell phone, the number where you’ll be, the pediatrician, a trusted neighbor who will for sure be home and the poison control are all good numbers to give a babysitter.
  • Your baby’s likes, dislikes, eating schedule, sleep schedule, and how to get him to stop crying.
  • Your baby’s favorite toy, blanket, and place to play or sleep.
  • Location of all baby essentials — diapers, wipes, pacifiers, bottles, changes of clothing and burp cloths.
  • Location of the first aid kit, flashlight (power outage) and electric breaker.
Other very useful stuff to leave a babysitter:
  • A consent form that states emergency care of your baby is authorized in case you can’t be reached.
  • An easy to read book on baby CPR. Honestly, I'd try to hire a babysitter who is certified in infant CPR and first aid. But during an emergency it's common to panic. It’s nice to have a CPR manual around.
Also, learn how to afford a babysitter.

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