While most jobs are perfectly safe for uncomplicated pregnancies, some jobs can be too dangerous for pregnancy. Job risks you...
While most jobs are perfectly safe for uncomplicated pregnancies, some jobs can be too dangerous for pregnancy. Job risks you should be concerned about include... Infection risks: Jobs that include risks surrounding disease and infection can, of course, present a problem for a mama-to-be. If you're a health care worker (i.e. nurse, lab tech) or work with very young children daily, talk to your doctor or midwife about the extra safety precautions you should take to help keep you and your baby healthy. Toxins: Most jobs nowadays don't carry toxic risks, but some do. For example, if you work with heavily toxic chemical cleaners or radioactive materials you may be placing your baby at risk. These hazards and chemicals can easily cross the placenta. Excessive physical labor: While pregnant, exercise is smart, but excessive labor that results in physical exertion all day long or requires extremely long periods of standing in one place, can be too hard on your pregnant body. Heavy lifting, too much standing (or sitting for that matter) or demanding physical labor is dangerous. Extensive air travel or other travel: Any excessive travel can be hard on a pregnant mama. Mainly because you spend too much time sitting in one position and secondly because travel takes you far away from your health care provider. However, air travel tends to present the most problems. This isn't because flying is terribly dangerous, but because many airlines require doctor's notes if you want to fly in the third trimester. If you fly a lot for work you may need to work something else out. If your job involves any of the above... Learn more:

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