Seemingly, I can't win. Not when it comes to breastfeeding anyhow. Last week a mom reader left me a comment....
Seemingly, I can't win. Not when it comes to breastfeeding anyhow. Last week a mom reader left me a comment. She told me that I'm too "judgmental" of breastfeeding moms and basically indicated that I'm only supportive of formula feeders. This week another reader told me that I'm not an advocate for all mamas because I'm, "All about breastfeeding" and that my post was, "Clearly written as pro-breastfeeding." These aren't the only breastfeeding comments I've gotten here at P&B. Over the years, many mamas have decided that I'm advocating too far one way or the other. I've spent a lot of time answering reader questions. I don't always have the time to explain my breastfeeding vs. formula stance over and over. That said, I figured I'd write about it, then when questions pop up, I can easily send people to read this post. My official stance on breastfeeding vs. formula feeding: 1. I believe that the vast majority of mamas have the ability to breastfeed IF, and this is key, IF said mamas get the support they need to breastfeed. By support I mean stuff like instructions, classes, consultants and hands-on support if needed. 2. I think we seriously undervalue breastfeeding in the United States. Many mamas do not get the support they need to breastfeed successfully. For example, I've seen health care providers shrug off mamas who need breastfeeding support, and then in turn, seen those mamas give up on breastfeeding. You rarely see breastfeeding ads and people are still uncomfortable with public breastfeeding (which is insane). Breastfeeding should be a major priority in the USA, but sadly, it really isn't. 3. I believe that breast milk is hands down the most nutritious food you can offer your baby - with few exceptions. See those exceptions. This is not me saying, "Formula and formula feeders suck eggs!" This is me saying that studies show that breast milk is superior to formula on a purely nutritional scale. In fact, even formula companies admit that breast milk is better nutrition-wise. 4. I do not believe that breastfeeding is right for every single mama. Physically being able to breastfeed has nothing to do with other aspects that relate to breastfeeding - such as mood, home situations, workplace situations and other issues. Plus, when you get right down to it, we all have a little thing called freedom of choice. Assuming one choice is right for everyone is a mistake in my book. 5. I don't believe that formula feeding mamas are bad parents. I don't believe that breastfeeding parents are better parents. Breast milk and formula are simply ways to feed your baby. Neither way overall dictates the sort of parent you are. 6. I believe that formula fed or breastfed babies can all bond just fine, love their parents and be happy. In the long run, how you parent matters more than simply choosing breast milk or formula. 7. All mamas have the right to make a choice about feeding and other people shouldn't judge that choice. I've seen how mean moms can be to mamas who feed their baby differently than they do. That's super lame. If you're a mama, you should support other mamas, no matter their baby feeding method. Mamas have to deal with rude behavior from all kinds of people - we don't need it from other mamas too. 8. The posts I write here are sometimes very pro-breastfeeding. Why? Because I'm pro-breastfeeding. Breastfeeding is very healthy for babies and mamas. On the flip-side sometimes I write posts about the benefits of bottles or formula feeding. Why? Because I'm all for a mama using formula if that's truly the best choice for her or her family. Many different types of parents read this blog, and it would be close-minded of me to only write about one way to feed a baby. There you have it, my official stance on breastfeeding vs. formula. Not that it will clear everything up for all readers, but hopefully it helps many of you to understand where I'm coming from. If you're looking for more information about breastfeeding and/or formula, stick around. Next up I'll post a super gigantic round-up of useful P&B breastfeeding and formula feeding posts...

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