First of all, miscarriages are not that common. While many women worry about having a miscarriage, only about 15% of...
First of all, miscarriages are not that common. While many women worry about having a miscarriage, only about 15% of women (aged 35 and under) will experience a miscarriage. Health organizations and most health professionals agree that once you pass the eight to twelve week pregnancy mark, your odds of giving birth to a full-term baby are excellent - possibly around 98%. That said, miscarriages do happen, and while you shouldn't worry about this issue too much, it is wise to know common miscarriage symptoms, in case you need medical attention. If you're not yet at the 12th week of pregnancy, The Mayo Clinic notes that the symptoms of a miscarriage may include...
  • Vaginal spotting or bleeding - don't panic right away with this symptom though, as many women have some spotting or bleeding during pregnancy.
  • Cramping or pain in your abdomen or your back.
  • Tissue passing from your vagina.
If you have any of the above symptoms you should call your midwife or doctor. You may not be having a miscarriage, but it's safest to check in with your health care provider. Learn more about miscarriage:

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