Nicotine Patches And Gum Not The Safest Way To Quit Smoking During Pregnancy

Nicotine patches and nicotine gum may not the safest way to quit smoking when you're pregnant. Truth - most health...
Nicotine patches and nicotine gum may not the safest way to quit smoking when you're pregnant. Truth - most health professionals say that any quit smoking treatment is better, and safer than actually smoking while you're pregnant, and although I'm not a scientist, I'm inclined to agree. Smoking is seriously dangerous for your unborn baby and for you. According to the March of Dimes, and many other sources, women who smoke during pregnancy are more likely to have an ectopic pregnancy, vaginal bleeding, placental abruption, placenta previa and a stillbirth. Babies of moms who smoke are more likely to be born premature or with birth defects, heart defects and low birth weight. However, a recent study shows that fetal exposure to nicotine - even through patch or gum - may increase the risk of developing cardiovascular disease as an adult. “We have found distinct links between cigarette smoking or even using nicotine patches or gum and the long-term harm for the child,” says Dr. DaLiao Xiao, a scientist who works at the Loma Linda University School of Medicine in California. This new research, published in British Journal of Pharmacology, shows that when nicotine is given to pregnant rats, the rat offspring had higher risks of high blood pressure than animals whose moms didn’t receive nicotine during pregnancy. The findings also resulted in like-minded results when people, not rats, were studied. This research indicates that there are safer ways to quit smoking, ways that perhaps, involve zero nicotine. Of course, not everyone agrees. Another study, done in 2008, shows that while nicotine gum didn't actually help pregnant women quit smoking entirely, babies of moms who did chew nicotine gum increased birth weight and gestational age, which are two key indicators of better baby health. Another, even more recent study shows that nicotine replacement treatments are safer than we used to think and obviously safer than smoking. THE BEST WAY TO QUIT SMOKING WHEN PREGNANT: Not with nicotine patches or gum. The American College of Obstetrics and Gynecology states that pregnant women should only consider nicotine gum and patches after other non-drug treatments, like counseling and quitting cold turkey have failed. If you smoke and you're pregnant talk to your midwife or doctor about it right away. Sometimes underlying issues make it hard to quit, for example depression, which is treatable. The sooner you quit the better for your baby. + How Maternal Smoking or Nicotine Use Increases the Risk of Cardiovascular Disease in Later Life

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