Is Vaginal Bleeding During Pregnancy A Danger Sign?

Vaginal bleeding during pregnancy isn't exactly uncommon, but it also shouldn't be ignored because there's always a chance that vaginal...
Vaginal bleeding during pregnancy isn't exactly uncommon, but it also shouldn't be ignored because there's always a chance that vaginal bleeding is a red flag of a real problem. However, also don't panic. Stress isn't healthy for you or your baby. Be aware that many women experience bleeding at various times during their pregnancy and do go on to have a healthy baby. The key is to pay attention to the type of bleeding and when it occurs. For example, bleeding during the third trimester is considered a bigger risk issue than bleeding during the first trimester. Also, even if you think the bleeding means nothing, it's wise to report it to your midwife or doctor. Following are some tips about why you may be experiencing vaginal bleeding during your pregnancy... FIRST TRIMESTER VAGINAL BLEEDING: Many women experience spotting around the time of their missed period, called implantation bleeding. According to Mayo Clinic doctors, implantation bleeding is relatively common and perfectly normal, not a big bad danger sign. Bleeding may also be a sign of miscarriage, but you shouldn't panic right away. According to the American Pregnancy Association, "Vaginal bleeding does not mean that miscarriage is imminent, [and] approximately half of pregnant women who bleed do not have miscarriages." One of the most dangerous reasons why you'd be bleeding during your first trimester would be if you're experiencing an ectopic pregnancy. Almost all ectopic pregnancies are diagnosed before the 8 week mark in pregnancy. Ectopic pregnancies, luckily, are rare, and if you're having one, the signs are easy to spot in most cases. See typical ectopic pregnancy signs. In extremely rare cases, a molar pregnancy may also cause bleeding. SECOND & THIRD TRIMESTER VAGINAL BLEEDING: Any bleeding during the second trimester could be a sign of a late miscarriage. However, remember that late miscarriages aren't very common. See common miscarriage signs. The later it is in your pregnancy, the more you should worry about vaginal bleeding. At this stage in the game, vaginal bleeding could mean there's a serious problem, such as placenta previa or placental abruption. Both are serious complications that require medical attention. You should always report any pregnancy vaginal bleeding to your care provider, but it's especially important to report it in the second and third trimester. THIRD TRIMESTER VAGINAL BLEEDING: Vaginal bleeding may be a sign of pre-term labor. If your mucus plug passes (and it can, before labor even starts), you may see some blood. Because this is a sign of pre-term labor, always contact your midwife or doctor if you see bleeding during the third trimester. OTHER CAUSES OF VAGINAL BLEEDING: At any time during your pregnancy, you may experience vaginal bleeding due to cervical infections, sexual intercourse and other health conditions, such as an illness. Because you can't know what's causing the bleeding, you always need to discuss it with your midwife or doctor. ALSO: Learn about vaginal bleeding after you give birth.

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