Funny Baby Halloween Goods And Costumes

Can you believe that Halloween is quietly sneaking up on us?! Amazing right. I thought we'd kick off the spooky...
Can you believe that Halloween is quietly sneaking up on us?! Amazing right. I thought we'd kick off the spooky season with some fun baby gear and costumes for Halloween enthusiastic - just because you're having (or just had) a baby, is no reason to lose your sense of humor. Lil' Vampire Pacifier: Very strange, but then so is Halloween. This unique pacifier not only gives your baby vampire fangs, but according to ThinkGeek, "Makes baby simultaneously quiet and awesome." You can't beat a quietly awesome baby. Zombie Snack Baby Onesie: This 100% cotton jersey knit Zombie Baby Onesie is really cute if you happen to be a zombie fan - or I suppose if you don't happen to be a baby fan (just kidding). Comes in white, pink, blue or the nice creepy Halloween green shown above. Lastly, check out the 50 Creepiest Baby Halloween Costumes - some, in my opinion, aren't THAT creepy. In fact some of these tots are cute. However, baby cooked turkey, baby Hitler and some others, really do creep you out, in a funny cute way. See the list.


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