Obstetrician Says Older Women Who Have Children Are "Selfish" And "Self-Centered"

Dr. Barry Walters, an obstetrician at Perth's King Edward Memorial Hospital, has made quite a scene after telling a West...
Dr. Barry Walters, an obstetrician at Perth's King Edward Memorial Hospital, has made quite a scene after telling a West Australian paper that women who delay pregnancy until after their late 30s are "selfish" and "self-centered." Walters' says his reasoning is that women who wait to have children face a higher risk of medical complications during pregnancy and that they're putting their children in the position of having to care for elderly parents, earlier in life. During his interview, Walters' reportedly said:
"There are far more women over the age of 38 getting pregnant than there ever were 10, 20 years ago... The medical side is only part of it. It is selfish and self-centered of older women to have babies because they are not just babies — they are babies for a little while and they become people."
What I want to know is how come Walters acts as if women are stupid. Really... babies are little humans who eventually grow up? Thanks for the tip Walters. I guess it's also offensive if you happen to be a baby - babies aren't people until they get older? Seriously? Lastly, I'm wondering if there is a perfect age to have a baby. I was young when I had my son. It was hard. None of my friends had kids. I didn't earn as much money and I was a little bit lost. It wasn't perfect, though I did have youth on my side. Also, I had complications at the last minute - and I was a seemingly healthy young woman. Complications can arise, on the fly, and not just with older women. Having a baby at any age is a big decision, not one taken lightly by many women. There are some extra risks involved when you wait to have kids, but I don't agree that women who wait are selfish. What a joke. To learn more read: What do you think? Are women who get pregnant later in life "selfish" and "self-centered?" + Source

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