Go-Pod - Stylish And Portable Baby Activity Center

While I'm not an advocate of baby jail, I get that once in a while enclosed baby activity center can be useful....
While I'm not an advocate of baby jail, I get that once in a while enclosed baby activity center can be useful. For example, while you're cooking dinner or taking a shower. One good choice, if you're looking for an activity center, is the Go·Pod. Go-Pod is an ultra lightweight, portable activity seat developed as an alternative to traditional bulky, stationary activity centers.

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Some of Go-Pod's awesome features include:
  • Mobility design' makes it easy to use this activity center at home or on-the-go.
  • Perfect for smaller living spaces.
  • Offers the same safe fun as stationary activity centers, but with great portability.
  • Folds up and stores in handy carrying bag with storage pocket for wallet, keys, ipod, etc.
  • Take it on trips - this center folds up so small and easily that you can even store it in an airplane overhead compartment.
  • Keeps baby safe and entertained when you need it.
  • Can be used indoors or out.
  • A locking button ensures Go·Pod is locked in place and safe for baby.
  • Handy floor pad keeps baby’s feet from touching undesirable surfaces.
  • Four seat height positions for your growing baby
  • Drink and snack holders included along with toy loops to hold baby's toys.
  • Available in Pistachio, Sorbet or Quick Silver.
[gallery] Babies from approximately 4 months to walking may use Go-Pod. + Go·Pod

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