Yu Wei., In Cooperation With The U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission, Has Issued A Voluntary Recall Of Drop-Side Cribs Sold Through JC Penney. Approximately 8,00 Cribs Are Part Of The Recall In The United States.

Yu Wei., in cooperation with the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission, has issued a voluntary recall of drop-side cribs sold through JC Penney. Approximately 8,00 cribs are part of the recall in the United States. Learn more.
Yu Wei., in cooperation with the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission, has issued a voluntary recall of drop-side cribs sold through JC Penney. Approximately 8,00 cribs are part of the recall in the United States. The following description was taken directly from the recall notice:
Description: This recall involves Yu Wei full-size cribs sold under the Scroll and Lauren model names. The cribs were sold in antique white, pecan and dark cherry, and have the following model numbers and date codes listed on the inside of the crib’s end panels.
Model # Description Date Code Between
343-8225 Scroll Crib 01/2006-12/2010
343-9117 Lauren Crib 01/2007-12/2010
The drop-side cribs were sold at exclusively in the JC Penney catalog and at jcpenney.com between January 2006 and December 2010 for approximately $300 to $450 each.

Reason for recall

The drop-side rails on the crib can malfunction, detach or unexpectedly fall down, causing part of the drop side to fall out of position. When this happens, a space is created into which an infant or toddler can roll and become wedged or entrapped, which can lead to strangulation or suffocation. A child can also fall out of the crib. Drop-side incidents can also occur due to incorrect assembly and due to age-related wear and tear..
The CPSC is aware of nine incidents of the drop-side railing failing or malfunctioning. One child sustained minor abrasions.

What should you do?

You should stop using the drop-side crib immediately and contact the company, Yu Wei, for a repair kit. The kit will immobilize the drop-side feature. Until then, you should find an alternate place for your child to sleep.

Want more info?

You can contact Yu Wei at 877-806-8190 Monday through Friday between 9:00 a.m. and 5:00 p.m. Central . Alternatively, you can email Yu Wei for the immobilizer kit at yuweiparts@aol.com. You can also check the Yu Wei website.

Note that a ban on the sale of drop side cribs took effect in June of this year. Over 100,000 drop-side cribs have been recalled in the last year alone in several separate recalls. If you have a drop-side crib and you're able, please consider replacing it. If you cannot, please keep up with the recalls. Just last week, several thousand Shermag drop-side cribs were recalled.

More recent recalls: Recall: Shermag drop-side cribs Recall: Battat Musical Wooden Toy Table Two recalls: Little Tykes Toy Workshop and Cars Recall: Twirlla wooden rattle Recall phil&teds Metoo clip-on chair

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