Feeling Good Is The First Step To Feeling Beautiful And Sexy. But After Nine Months Of Pregnancy, Most Women Are Exhausted, Wondering If They’Ll Ever Get Their Shape Back.

Feeling good is the first step to feeling beautiful and sexy. But after nine months of pregnancy, most women are exhausted, wondering if they’ll ever get their shape back.

How to feel great after you give birth

by: Elaine Petrone

Feeling good is the first step to feeling beautiful and sexy. But after nine months of pregnancy, most women are exhausted, wondering if they’ll ever get their shape back. Elaine Petrone, author of the Miracle Ball Method for Pregnancy, gives you five simple ways to lower your stress and improve tone and flexibility to help you feel sexy without hitting the gym. Just remember the three B’s: breath, ball and bed. Breathing reduces your stress, the ball work improves your flexibility and all the positions can be done in bed. If you don’t have a Miracle Ball, you can use any small grapefruit-sized ball. (Always consult your doctor before trying any of these ball placements.) 1. Bring the ball to bed. Place the ball under your neck or between your shoulders. Breathe, making an “S” sound on each exhalation, and let your weight give into gravity. 2. Lying on your back, place two balls under your buttocks. Bring your knees up to your chest and rest like this, letting weight fall into your body. This will help open and improve flexibility in your hips and legs, relax you and ease sciatic and back pain. As a variation, you can let your thighs slowly fall to the sides. 3. Many women’s shoulders round during pregnancy. Try placing two balls under your shoulders to open up your chest muscles and improve your breathing as well as your posture. Walking taller gives you a look of energy and strength and the breathing puts glow back in your face. 4. Share the method with your partner. Remember, a new baby can be stressful for both parents. Try “tapping” -- cup your hand and tap your (or your partner’s) back and shoulders in a circular motion and with the same frequency as you applaud. This is a great way to bring circulation into back muscles. This is a great alternative to a massage, especially when both parents are tired. Thanks to Elaine Petrone for these great tips on how to feel sexy after pregnancy. You can purchase The Miracle Ball Method for Pregnancy to learn more! Keep reading for more post-pregnancy tips Postpartum sex: Tips for improving intimacy after pregnancy Hair loss after pregnancy: Helpful tips for women The truth about getting your body back

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