Are you expecting more than one baby? You're not alone - births of twins, triplets and more are becoming increasingly common. Here, find out some of the reasons for the multiple baby boom, how some twin pregnancies are diagnosed, and some resources where you can find support and more information.
Erica Lamberg

The new statistics
Multiple births are on the rise. According to the Centers for Disease Control (CDC), between 1980 and 1997, the number of twin births rose 52 percent, while triplet and other higher order multiple births (heretofore (triplets, quadruplets or greater) jumped by 404 percent. Over the same period of time, singleton births rose a mere 6 percent.

This multiple baby boom is believed to be due to two major trends: the fact that more women are delaying motherhood until their mid to late thirties (the likelihood of a woman experiencing a multiple pregnancy increases until age 40); and the increased use of fertility treatments.

According to Frank Craparo, M.D., a Perinatalogist (high risk OB/GYN) with Abington Perinatal Associates of Abington Memorial Hospital in Abington, "Women in their mid to late 30s have been known to release more than one egg during a monthly ovulation cycle. In most cases, this would lead to a single birth. But, in a small number of cases, it leads to multiple births."

The impact of fertility treatments Moreover, today's medical technology can include advanced fertility drugs, which can multiply the number of eggs released each month, or procedures such as in vitro fertilization, where multiple fertilized eggs are placed in a woman's uterus. "Normally during a woman's cycle, only one egg gets released. If ovulation stimulation medication is used, more than one egg may become fertilized," explains Dr Craparo.

Similarly, in vitro fertilization (IVF) is also an option for couples. IVF involves taking eggs from the woman, fertilizing them in the laboratory with her partner's sperm and transferring the resulting embryos back to her uterus 2-6 days later. "To increase the success rate of the procedure, multiple eggs are usually implanted in the woman," says Dr Craparo.

Types of twinning
The vast majority of multiple births -- 95 percent -- continue to be twins. Twins occur naturally in about 1 of every 90 births, and triplets occur naturally in only 1 of every 10,000 births. Both are becoming more common with fertility treatments.

Fraternal twins, which occur when two separate eggs are fertilized, are the more common type of twins, representing about two thirds of all twin births in the United States. Your chances of having fraternal twins appear to increase with your age and the number of children you have. In addition, your chance of having a multiple birth also increases if fraternal twins run in your family. Identical twins, formed when a single fertilized egg divides into two fetuses, are more rare and represent less than one percent of all births.

Taking good care
Your doctor may suspect a multiple pregnancy when more than one fetal heartbeat is heard. According to Dr Craparo, "Other factors that might signal a multiple pregnancy include: the uterus grows more quickly than normal; excessive nausea and vomiting are present in the first trimester; or you may feel more fetal movement than you did in previous pregnancies."

Early diagnosis is key to the health of mother and babies. If you have a multiple pregnancy, you need to take extra precautions including increased doctor visits and testing to monitor the growth of each fetus. In addition, your doctor might also prescribe additional iron and vitamin supplements and urge you to reduce physical activity. Furthermore, Dr Craparo explains that multiple and other high risk pregnancies include detailed, targeted ultrasounds at 4 week intervals and a non-stress test to monitor the babies.

"Although medical technology has improved greatly, carrying multiples is still considered high risk," says Bruce Young, M.D., a Perinatalogist and director of maternal and fetal medicine with New York University Medical Center in New York City. If mother or fetuses experience serious complications early in the pregnancy, doctors may recommend a procedure called multi-fetal reduction of pregnancy. In this controversial procedure, a lethal chemical is injected into one or more of the fetuses, giving the others a greater chance for survival. "This procedure is generally done the first trimester and is not recommended for women carrying less than three fetuses. There is additional 5 to 10 percent risk of miscarrying the remaining fetuses," says Dr Young.

Complications and considerations of pregnancy and birth Dr Young suggests women who are carrying multiples be properly nourished and get adequate rest during their pregnancy. "It's not uncommon for a period of bed rest to be prescribed beginning around the 24th week of pregnancy," he points out. He futher explains other medical problems for women carrying multiples may include gestational diabetes, toxemia, high blood pressure and anemia.

Medical experts acknowledge that the risk of complications such as premature birth or a low birth weight are higher with a multiple pregnancy. "Premature labor and delivery is a definite concern for a woman carrying multiples. Early enlargement of the uterus puts the woman at risk for pre-term delivery which may cause subsequent health risks to the babies." says Dr Craparo.

Premature delivery increases the chance of non-survival and other health problems. "The greatest concern for a premature infant is that their lungs are not ready to breathe on their own and they usually are on a respirator," adds Dr Craparo. Furthermore, fifty percent of twins and ninety percent of high-order multiples weigh less than 5-1/2 pounds at birth, compared with 5 percent of singleton babies.

Although it is possible for twins to be delivered vaginally, Dr Craparo estimates that, "Ninety-nine percent of triplets and higher multiples are delivered via cesarean section."

Double, triple the work Unlike a family with two or three children who were born a few years apart, parents of multiples are faced with buying triple (or more) the diapers, formula, and baby food all at once. This can add up to hundreds of extra dollars a month. Doctors' costs would also be higher, since infants visit the pedriatrician often during the first year. In addition, because multiples are often a couple's first children, there isn't the benefit of hand-me down clothes, high chairs, swings, car seats and other baby necessities.

"Parents of multiples have to overcome any resistance they may feel about asking for help," says Janet Bleyl, President of The Tripet Connection, a non-profit organization for multiple birth families which provides information, encoragement, resources and networking to families who are expecting triplets or more. "The Triplet Connection has become a lifeline to expectant parents, and a great resource to parents of larger multiples," she adds.

Finding support Kimberly Worrell of Northeast Philadelphia gave birth to quadruplets in May 1997 and is a member of The Triplet Connection. Mrs Worrell delivered four babies at 26 weeks, but one son died a week after birth due to serious medical complications. "With my three surviving quads, I feel blessed," she says. Mrs Worrell was on fertility medication when she conceived her quads, and knew at 5 weeks she was carrying multiples.

Today, the Worrells have 3 healthy, active toddlers and Mrs Worrell says things are beginning to get a bit easier. "Now that they sleep through the night and they are on a schedule, things are manageable. I am fortunate that I get help from my mother and mother-in-law who watch them while I work from home."

She offers some advice to couples who may be the parent of multiples: "When a woman begins taking fertility drugs, she should know the risks and feel comfortable with her doctor," she insists. She also suggests contacting baby product companies for some free merchandise. "We got coupons for free baby food from Gerber and free diapers from Pampers." Furthermore, she describes that The Triplet Connection has an expectant parent packet with tips and resources for parents, and publishes a newsletter for parents as well. Additional information regarding The Triplet Connection may be obtained from their website,

By speaking with other mothers and fathers of multiples who have "been there," they can share their experiences, and their advice may make the arrival of your twins, triplets, quadruplets or others a manageable addition to the


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 change, Timbers proclaimed he is recently been schooling almost daily. He also played in your match two weeks before.

in a lot far better shape currently as compared with I'm 2 weeks in the past, he was quoted saying. still just a little more substantial in comparison with I would end up being, that i'm the blue close to completely ready for your video game. It is often brutal hoping to get back into design unaccompanied. I failed to feel like I was in which much long gone in till I attempted to have back in the idea. has become teammates by using ten present-day Komets, along with he is followed the c's on-line.

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cuss any issue intriguing to audience, priority will be provided to emails <a href=>men's nike air max ltd running white</a>that relate to stories covered by The Brooklyn Report.

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20 Ft from Popularity begins with a good cardiovascular system halting movie coming from Speaking Heads' Stop Earning Good sense interviewee Lynn Mabry doing "Slippery Persons," soothing your butterflies within Mark Byrne's style with a tide of faith in addition to desire journeys by means of many decades associated with rock and roll along with place music.

Absolutely thrilling may be the field where by Clayton revisits a specific documenting facility. The way Clayton explains to the history connected with "Gimme Housing,Half inch it is really very clear many people have been recently inclined into see it for several years: Clayton had been currently pregnant, the girl's hair within curlers with a wrap, when the girl appeared to be referred to as lower for your Running Pebbles treatment during night time. Eventually, the girl heated up plus wailed: "Rape! Shooting! It's just an attempt absent. . . .Half inch (Just after leaving behind this facilities, Clayton missing her own baby inside a miscarriage, plus common tale will probably website link the actual unfortunate affair for the over emotional strength of the woman results.)

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nd staffing authorities since it makes it possible for people to reply questions by way of creating limited video clip responses. A lot of these registered answers may well then seen anytime and then for any kind of length. Hiring authorities can rapidly have a private feel for an applicant and find out their own appreciation, dedication, as well as advancement likely.Different methods online video media meetings can be used to get treating the skills hole concern:Make it possible for getting to move countrywide and also worldwideConveniently get connected to fast paced candidatesImprove choosing company collaborationDownload Spark Workers different whitepaper, Five Purposes of Movie Job interviews to leap the abilities Hole, for you to speedily use <a href=>canada goose temperature ratings </a> the best people today for ones firm accessible out on the top competencies distance trouble!Around Spark Hire:Ignite Employ the service of is definitely the quickest growing video finding system on the earth. Delivering a completely brand a proven way in addition to captured live video clip appointment base, Of curiosity Employ the service of allows Two,000+ businesses remove mobile phone display screens, grow in comprehension of contenders, making awesome employs. Absolutely no legal contracts, simply no put in place charges. Limitless video recording selection interviews starting up for $49 per 30 days. WorldNow this also Stop try to make zero warranty specifics or simply representations around association therewith.New Nintendo wii Video games Look for a Huge however Mean Viewers

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, such as within the incidents around Rhode Is, this explained in the record.Shooter's principal points destroyed three existence

By way of D Leinwand Leger along with Natalie DiBlasio, U . s . Now

The guy whom at random taken from folks in an Guy changes supermarket didn't know Steven Forsyth and also Cindy Yuille, the 2 main people today this individual mortally wounded, your Clackamas Sheriff's Office environment explained Friday.

In a Tigard spot exactly where Forsyth, 1 out of 3, taught junior activities in addition to jogged a small business, and Yuille, Fifty four, brought up income designed for cancer research, a families mention they handled countless day-to-day lives.

The particular present shooter, Jacob Tyler Roberts, couldn't know truly the only heir of Tuesday's carnage, Kristina Shevchenko, frequently. And so they didn't know that it is definitely the 16 calendar year old's second sweep having dying within four months.

But information is today surfacing regarding the persons for Roberts' hit-or-miss physical violence.

Yuille, a new surgery breastfeed plus serious player, "was everyone's colleague,Inch her household proclaimed in the affirmation. "She was obviously a fantastic one who had been extremely compassionate and hang other people initial."

Forsyth, the wed parent associated with 2, made a favorite grandfather's hardwood carving past time to a personalized real wood style small business, Coastoms, of which distributed unique solid wood coasters,trivets along with sketches. Attractive expended quite a few years throughout marketing and advertising plus owned or operated a promotional company referred to as Substantial Feat, point out reports clearly show.

Forsyth worked for 17 several years around marketing and advertising sales and profits in Entercom, a new marketing and sales communications corporation of which owns One hundred and ten radio during 3 marketplaces, like 8 in Beaverton. His / her wife, Carla, is still effective generally there for account executive.

"We usually are heartbroken,In Entercom President and CEO Mark Arena said from a assertion Saturday. "This senseless, heartbreaking killing arranged decrease a truly excellent man inside the prime regarding her living." <a href=>canada goose hybridge hoody uk </a>

Niche identified as Forsyth "a really gifted male.In .

Forsyth, skillfully qualified because of the U . s . Advertising Correlation, assisted decades in media profits and since an administration account manager designed for radio station along with used up three years since the vp of commercial surgical procedures for a health-related tests lab, the resource regarding his websi

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h decrease close to the its polar environment. Her own head is available treacherously near hitting the ice cubes.

Solely a few models Suzanne Shaw, Beam Quinn as well as Hayley Tamaddon have ever in your life accomplished an excellent scores associated with Thirty with the divorce judges.

A file designed for best rating ever before on the program of 7.A few from Thirty is held collectively by way of Todd Carty along with Dr Hilary Johnson.Sheffield Star walk connected with celebrity nominations

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