Hint: Add Your Veggies

Pregnancy nutrition can be sketchy, particularly in the first trimester when all you feel like doing is throwing up. Fortunately, there are a few ways to sneak in some extra nutrition. Here's how!

Pregnant woman eating saladVeggies for breakfast

Vegetables may not be the first on your list when you reach for breakfast in the morning, but if you put them in your breakfast staples, they can be. Try a green smoothie – a wonderful mom friend introduced them to me and we drink them every day.

Take a cup of water, a handful of greens (like fresh baby spinach) and blend. Add a tablespoon of flax seed and one chopped-up apple – blend! Add a cup of frozen berries (we usually use strawberries) and finish blending. Everyone here loves them despite their unusual appearance (referring to it as "swamp juice" actually led my sons to try it with delight).

Veggies for lunch

If you only have time for a sandwich most days, you may not think to take the extra step and add some vegetables in your bag.

Here are a few ideas to make veggies more portable and fun:

  • Include a dip, such as low-fat ranch dressing or hummus
  • Cut up carrot sticks, cucumbers and cauliflower the night before for easy packing
  • Keep grated veggies in a container in your fridge so you can easily add them to salads

Veggies for dinner

Invest in a steamer to keep most of the nutritional content of your vegetables where they belong – in the food instead of the cooking water. Some of my favorite steamed vegetables are cauliflower and broccoli, but others that do well in a steamer are Brussels sprouts and asparagus.

Vegetables are also easy to add to casseroles, particularly cauliflower, which you can steam well and then blend to add an almost undetectable boost of nutrients to your dinner!

Vegetables are good for you and your growing baby, and they not only supply vitamins and other nutrients but a nice helping of fiber, which can keep your belly happy and your digestion going in the right direction. Eat up!

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