Serious Hazards Reported

If you have a crib tent in your home, listen up -- Tots in Mind crib tents have been recalled due to a serious hazard that has led to one death.

Recalled crib tents by Tots in Mind

The US CPSC and several retailers have agreed to voluntarily recall around 330,000 crib tents made by Tots in Mind, Inc. Five retailers have agreed to offer consumers a refund or store credit (depending on the retailer) as the company is no longer in business. A previous recall in 2010 offered a repair kit, but consumers are asked to not attempt to repair the tents themselves.

Recall: Tots in Mind labelProduct Description: This recall involves all models of crib tents made by Tots in Mind, Inc. There are no model numbers present on the crib tents, but consumers can identify a recalled item by the label on top of the tent in the non-mesh area (a 2" x 1" label, pictured here, that says "Tots in Mind") as well as the pictures of the tents themselves.

There are five models involved:

  • Portable Playard Tent
  • Original Cozy Crib Tent
  • Cozy Crib Tent II
  • Crib Tent for Convertible Cribs
  • Portable Playard Tent Plus Cabana Kit

Where/when it was sold: These were sold from January 2005 through February 2010 at various retailers, including: Bed Bath & Beyond/Buy Buy Baby, Burlington Coat Factory, Toys R Us/Babies R Us, Walmart and online on websites including, for between $60 and $85.

Reason for recall: CPSC has received a reports of 27 tent failures, resulting in a few injuries, including one case of catastrophic brain injury and one fatality. The tent failures were due to a number of issues, from failures of the zipper and fabric to entrapment issues between the tent and the crib or play yard.

What you need to do: Stop using the recalled crib tents immediately and contact the retailers for a refund or store credit.

Company information: The following companies have offered either a full refund or store credit to those who have the recalled play tents.

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Image credit: USCPSC


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