Ditch The Diapers

Imagine potty training your baby before he even learns to walk and talk? Moms everywhere are subscribing to the diaper free way of life with a method called elimination communication. Could it work for you?

baby potty training
What is elimination communication?

Elimination communication (EC) is the process of facilitating your child's need to go potty -- before she goes in a diaper -- by reading her bodily clues like squirming and grunting as well as by tracking her potty patterns. The parent's job is to catch those early signals and get baby to the potty before she goes in a diaper... or on the floor. This method is not some new-fangled trend. Rather it is a return to the natural and ancient way that babies' waste was handled before diapers were even in existence.

Clockwork baby?

It's true that many babies form patterns in their potty times. However, those patterns will vary depending on the rest of baby's schedule, daily eating patterns and unpredictable daily events. While the patterns can serve as a great guideline for getting baby to the potty, there will probably be some give and take regarding exact timing, which could result in wait time in the bathroom. So if you have plenty of time to hang out on the potty with baby, this could be a great method for you and your baby.

Proponents of EC say that babies practicing the method can wear diapers during the night, during outings without immediate access to a bathroom or even during daycare without worry of derailing all of the EC practice.

Giving EC a try

Experts and moms who swear by the method say that baby can be potty trained by six months of age! Hard to believe? We think so, too. But that doesn't mean the method doesn't pique our interest. As many parents today are getting back to traditional methods of parenting as well as working to be more eco-friendly (just thinking about all those dirty diapers piling up in landfills makes us cringe), EC could become a mainstream method before we know it.

If you want to give EC a try, check out Diaper Free Baby for tips and expert advice on how to get your baby started on EC.

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The ideal start for EC is 0-4 months, but you can EC all the way up to 20 months. :) The techniques will change depending on age too (ECing a newborn would be completely different from ECing a mobile 9 month old, you can imagine). It really is great to see that EC is really starting to reach more people!