Are You Sitting Down For This?

There are few things as exciting as the moment you find out you are pregnant. Whether it happened "overnight" or you've been trying for years, finally confirming the news that you are indeed expecting a little one is a moment few women will ever forget. Now comes the hard part -- should you really wait 13 weeks (through your first trimester) to share your baby news?

Pregnant woman with pregnancy test

The answer of course is one you can only answer for yourself -- but not without our help! The Hatch offers some advice on how to decide when to announce your pregnancy.

Your man

Obviously (or let's hope!) the man who "did this to you" will be second only to you on discovering the news. He'll want to know right away… but you can take a little time to plan a fun way to break the pregnancy news to him.

Check out these fun ways to tell your man you're expecting >>

Extended family

If you're going to be a first-time mom, sharing the news with your own parents that you are about to bump them up to grandparent status will surely be the best news they've heard in a while. We suggest sharing the news with your man first, then together telling each set of parents together.

If you make an early announcement to only certain family members, especially if you have a large extended family, make sure you are clear that this news is not yet public knowledge and that you want it to stay that way until further notice. A-hem.


Your closest friends may pick up on subtle clues that you are expecting -- such as the way you dropped for 3-Diet-Coke-a-day habit cold turkey or your sudden disinterest in happy hour -- but don't feel obligated to tell your friends before you are ready.

Yes, It's amazing to have the advice of other friends who have already walked in your pregnant steps, and even your friends who are not moms in their own right yet will be awesome sources of support (especially when it comes to indulging with you in all those pregnancy cravings you're about to experience!). But consider a few things before you tell the friends. Is your circle of friends so tight-knit that you have to tell all of them or none of them so no one's feelings will get hurt? Do you trust said friends not to leak the news to their own partners who may leak it further?

Your boss, co-workers

Depending on how close you are with your boss and co-workers, your pregnancy news can be kept personal for as long as you choose to keep it that way… But we suggest you tell your crew before you are noticeably pregnant (a la Knocked Up) and they confront you about it.

Know this: The first thing your boss is going to think when you tell him/her that you are pregnant may very well be, "Is she going to quit once the baby arrives?" She may not ask this right away, but it's something you may want to consider, too, and discuss with her at the right time.

The tough question

Here's the bottom line: The first trimester is that really scary part where a miscarriage is more likely to occur than at any other point in your pregnancy, which is the reason many people choose to wait out those first few months before sharing they baby news. If you are an open book and wouldn't mind sharing the tragic news if God forbid you lost your baby, then by all means share your exciting baby news the moment you find out if you want.

However, if you are very private and would have a hard time telling people that you lost (once again, God forbid!) the child, then perhaps it's better for you to keep the news to yourself and your closest loved ones until you get to the "safety zone" of the second trimester.

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