Hair Today, Gone Tomorrow

You may notice lush, full locks during pregnancy… then a rapid loss of those lovely locks after delivery. What’s up with pregnancy and your hair growth/loss?

woman lossing her hair

More hair?

You may attribute your full head of shiny hair to pregnancy hormones increasing the rate that your hair grows or making your strands thicker… but those are both myths.

The real deal

What’s really going on is your hair is falling out at a slower rate during pregnancy. Usually, up to 95 percent of your hair is growing on a daily basis and the remaining percent is considered to be in a resting period before it eventually falls out. Non-pregnant women on average shed about 100 hairs a day.

Pregnancy perk

During pregnancy, however, due to higher levels of estrogen in the body, the growth phase is prolonged, resulting is lustrous, full hair – a fabulous side effect of pregnancy! You may notice your hair is not only shinier and thicker/fuller but it may take on a whole new texture. Women with generally straight hair may end up with curly tresses while women with curlier hair might have a go with straight locks during pregnancy.

Postpartum hair loss

Unfortunately, this pregnancy perk is not permanent. (Rude!) A few months after baby arrives, you may experience what seems like a loss of hair once your hair returns to its usual pattern of growth/rest followed by falling out. While the normal amount, as mentioned above, is about 100 hairs per day, during this stage you may actually lose up to 500 per day! Yikes! Don’t panic – you wont go bald, we promise. To slow the pace of the loss, try not to shampoo/condition hair has much and be gentle when brushing.

Return to normal

After about six months to a year you should notice your hair loss slow and return to the normal rate. The texture of your hair may not return to its pre-pregnancy state, however. Some women even experience brand new growth (much like baby hairs) along the hair line. To hide these, try a side-swept look until they grow out.

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