Texture Or Taste May Be The Issue

You may have been eagerly awaiting your baby’s first bite of solid food, but if she doesn’t care for it, it can be frustrating and raise lots of questions. Here is a little advice to help ease your mind.

Baby eating solid food

Current recommendations from the American Academy of Pediatrics states that solids can be introduced at around 6 months, but what do you do if your baby doesn’t like the runny cereal you spoon in his mouth?

Wait until later

One option would be to wait until later. While your baby may be old enough for solids, he may not be developmentally ready -- really, until a baby is around a year old, food is just for practice and fun, so don’t worry that he’s not getting the nutrition he needs. He’s still getting the perfect nutriton from breast milk or formula!

Try something else

A lot of babies don’t care for infant cereal, so feel free to branch out into more “real” food. Some popular choices for first foods are mashed banana or avocado. If you’re doing purees, try a vegetable or a fruit instead -- the baby cereals are often not very nutritionally dense and can be constipating.

Try real food

Advocates of baby-led weaning just give their baby pieces of real food, totally skipping purees. Give her a piece of a fruit or a vegetable that she can hold on to easily, such as a stalk of broccoli or a large piece of banana. At first, she will do a lot of playing with it, and then go to licking and trying to bite it. The premise here is that a baby won’t eat what she can’t handle physically, but you do need to keep a keen eye on her if she somehow manages to bite of a chunk.

Don’t stress

Feeding a baby is not without its stress and perils, and moving from a liquid-only diet can introduce a new level of worry, but take it easy mama -- you’re doing a good job.

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