Try These Methods First

Morning sickness can be the bane of any pregnant woman’s existence, and it can happen morning, noon or night -- or all three. Here are a few natural ways to relieve morning sickness.

Pregnant woman morning sickness

Morning sickness is downright terrible. It can vary in strength and intensity, and it can also vary baby to baby. I had textbook morning sickness my first two pregnancies -- nausea and vomiting in the morning, lasting about the first three months. However, my third was a new level of horror, with nausea and vomiting that lasted most of the day, and most of the pregnancy. I had none my fourth (perhaps my body and my baby took pity on me) but don’t worry -- I had plenty of other physical issues, so I didn’t get off scot-free.

Here are a few natural methods to try before you ask your doctor for help. Some moms do need medical help (and medications) but others can treat their morning sickness at home.


Ginger is a natural substance that is known to help settle the stomach, and has been used for for that purpose in Asian cultures for centuries. Try ginger tea in the morning, or any time you feel a little uneasy. You can also use the spice itself in your cooking or try ginger lozenges, which you can probably find at health food stores.


Also known as “sea bands,” these bracelets fit snugly and apply pressure to points in the wrist that are known to quell nausea. Sold as motion sickness aids, many mothers use these for morning sickness.


Another thing you might try is aromatherapy. Pregnancy noses can be quite sensitive and may trigger morning sickness episodes. There are a few scents that can actually help, such as ginger, peppermint and spearmint. Look for essential oils at your health food market, put a drop or two on a sachet and carry in your purse, or use it as potpourri.

Diet changes

A simple change in the foods you ingest may relieve some symptoms as well. Avoid greasy, high fat food -- chances are, you aren’t craving that anyway, but steer clear of drive thrus for now. Look for foods that are high in carbohydrates. You may find that simple, processed carbs digest easiest for you right now, so don’t feel bad about nibbling on saltine crackers. Keep a bag of easy-to-digest snacks nearby, because an empty tummy can make nausea worse.

Morning sickness should abate at around 13 or 14 weeks, but some moms suffer longer. If natural methods don’t work, or you are in great distress, discuss it with your care provider.

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