Tips To Keep The Tummy Patters Away

Everyone loves babies, and everyone loves pregnant women. Here’s how to kindly tell those around you “hands off.”

Touching pregnant belly

For some unknown reason, once a pregnant woman begins to round out with a baby belly, she becomes public property to some souls. The belly patting and rubbing is not always welcome, however -- here are a few ways to let those around you know that you don’t necessarily want your belly rubbed.


Weather permitting, make your belly less accessible by wearing sweaters or layers to make it less obvious -- and less tempting to strangers at the store. While terrifically cute, form-fitting maternity tops can make your bump even more inviting, so if you anticipate spending an afternoon with your belly-rubbing aunt, make a different fashion choice.

Be aware

Even though your head may be full of fuzzy baby daydreams (mine always was), stay on alert for someone approaching you. You can often read their intent in their eyes or their manner -- walking with a brisk pace, hands already extended or a happy, eager expression.


To avoid any direct belly-rubbing action, move your bump to the side to keep those hands at bay. You can also deflect with a handshake or a quick glance at your phone or watch -- “Nice to see you, but I’m late!”


If your body language doesn’t get the message across, and you are comfortable doing so, a simple statement will often do the trick. “Patting my tummy makes me feel queasy” often works, even if you really want to say, “I feel totally uncomfortable with your hands on me. Take them off!”

Patting someone’s tummy without their permission is definitely a violation of personal space, and while some mind it terribly, others don’t mind it at all -- and it can also depend on the person doing the belly rubbing. But if you’re a mama-to-be who doesn’t want to be patted, use these tips to keep everyone a little further away. It doesn’t make you rude or inconsiderate -- it’s your body, and your baby.

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