Avoid New Mom Isolation

When you become a mom, it’s easy to become totally consumed – in the best way possible – by your new baby. But sometimes only spending time with a newborn can lead to new mom isolation. Break out of your solo rut with these tips.

sad new mom

Connect with old friends

While you are doing the dishes as baby naps, give your bestie a call to vent, cry, laugh or just plain gossip. Connect with old friends in a way you used to pre-baby to help release those feelings of isolation.

Share with other moms

Join a support group for new moms in your city. You can find resources through the hospital where you delivered baby and the hospital may even offer new mom support classes. Opening up to other new moms about how you are feeling will help you understand that you are not alone. It will also help you connect to new people and make new friends.

Get out of the house

Spending all day cooped up in the house isn’t good for you or baby. So venture out for a stroll around your neighborhood, a trip to the local park or even to the mall. Just getting out of the house and seeing other friendly faces can help you shake those feelings of being all alone. The neighborhood park is also a great place to meet other moms.

Talk to your hubby

Don’t isolate your hubby from your feelings. Find a way to talk to him about what you are going through and make sure to carve out some special time each day for just the two of you. Even just cuddling on the couch with your man while baby enjoys some tummy time can help you feel connected.

Get a sitter

Leaving baby for the first – or 30th – time is hard. We know. But it is important to get out without baby every now and then to do something you like to do – see a movie, get your nails done with your girlfriends or go on a real date night with your man. A little time apart from baby is beneficial for both of you.

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