Don’T Eat That!

When introducing foods to baby, you’ll want to offer her a wide variety of options. But there is a short list of foods you shouldn’t serve to baby before her first birthday. Including honey.

baby eating

Why honey is a no-no for baby

It’s natural. It’s delicious! How could honey be bad for baby? It’s not actually the honey at fault. It’s a bacteria called Clostridium that lives in soil and dirt which can contaminate specific foods – and for some reason honey seems to be at the top of the list.

What happens if baby eats honey

If baby eats honey contaminated with Clostridium, he could contract infant botulism. This can cause muscle weakness in your infant with signs such as a weak cry, week sucking, loss of muscle tone and constipation.

It’s not just honey, honey

Be careful what you introduce to baby before his first birthday. Even crackers or other processed foods that contain honey could be harmful. So it’s best to avoid the sweet stuff altogether until baby gets a little older.

Why it’s okay to give baby honey after he turns one

After the first year, the risk of baby contracting infant botulism via Clostridium-contaminated honey goes down. Research suggests baby’s more mature and developed system can better handle the bacteria without getting sick.

Another hidden no-no

Light and dark corn syrups have gotten a bad rap lately and some feel that they could also be at fault for causing infant botulism. However, there have been no proven cases to back this up.

Talk to your doctor

Before giving baby honey or corn syrups, talk to your doctor about the risks and wait for his okay. At baby’s young age, he really doesn’t need to be introduced to these sweeteners anyway. This is your chance to development baby’s love for the delicious and natural taste of nature’s “candy” like apples, pears, peaches… the list goes on and on.

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