Fall And Winter Are Prime Germy Seasons

Fall is here and winter is coming -- and along with it, much caring and sharing, including sharing our germs because we’re indoors more. If you have a new baby, you’ll want to make sure that hands are washed before she is held.

Newborn baby in mom's hands

Friends and families are good at sharing, and germs are probably the easiest things to share, ever. Newborn babies are at particular risk of getting sick very quickly, and it can be more serious in a little one whose immune system isn’t totally developed.

Wash those hands

Keep your hands washed, if possible, and ask that guests and other family members (especially if they are kids) wash their hands if they are hoping to hold your baby. Hands have the pesky ability to pick up germs from so many places -- door knobs, money, car keys -- and you definitely don’t want to pass those along to your little one.

Sick? Stay away

Don’t be afraid to quiz people ahead of time to find out if they’re feeling ill. Even a minor cold can cause serious issues for a newborn baby. If you aren’t comfortable telling them to wait until another time on your own, invoke the power of your pediatrician -- you can say, “Her doctor really wants people who are even a little bit sick to stay home for now because she’s just too new.”


Your breast milk contains all sorts of nutrients that are perfectly tailored to your newborn’s digestive needs, but even better, it also contains antibodies and dozens of other ingredients that formula simply doesn’t have. For example, if you get sick, you don’t have to worry about handling and breastfeeding your baby -- the antibodies your body makes actually pass along to your baby through your milk, and she may not get sick at all.

Let the sun shine

Even five minutes of sunshine on your baby will help her produce her own vitamin D, which will help boost her immune system. Even on cold days, you can take her for a quick walk in a baby carrier and expose her little head to the sunshine -- being close to your body will help her stay warm.

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