Is It Time To Expand?

Have you started ogling babies everywhere you go? Maybe you’re ready for another child.

Woman thinking about having another baby

Do you want to have your children close together in age?

If you’ve always dreamed of having your children close together in age, than what are you waiting for! But be aware that having babies so closer together can be very time-consuming since both children will still need much of your time and attention.

Can you afford it?

One baby is expensive. More babies are more expensive. Go through your finances with your partner to see if having another baby at this time is feasible.

Consider how you might be able to alter your financial situation to make having another baby possible. If you’re a stay-at-home, look into work you can do while still being at home with your kids.

Do you have help if you need it?

From a trustworthy babysitter to a great day care center around the block, are you equipped with helping hands if you need it? You and your partner may have to juggle duties with the arrival of a new one, so be prepared.

Are you being realistic?

Making googly faces back and forth with a baby at a restaurant or in line at the grocery store is one thing… having another baby for real is quite another. Consider all the angles of having a new baby – even the cons like waking up multiple times in the night and endless diaper changes.

Consider your partner, other family members

Remember that the decision to have another baby isn’t entirely your own. Discuss it with your partner and even your children if you think they are old enough and/or mature enough to handle being a part of the conversation. Be prepared for the fact that not everyone may be on the same page… at first.

The first conversation about having another baby doesn’t have to be definitive. Start an open dialogue with your family about the pros and cons of having another baby and check back in after a few weeks to see if anyone’s opinions have changed (either way!).

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