Unforgettable Baby Name

A baby girl born in Cleveland on December 12, 2012 at 12:12 pm has a unique name that nobody will be likely to forget -- ever, or Forever.

Baby playing with blocks

A healthy baby girl was born at the lucky time of 12:12 pm on the even luckier date of 12/12/12 -- both are unforgettable. How many people can boast of such a birth date, and birth time? But her mom and dad wanted to give her a unique name, and they totally did.


Their baby, who weighed 7 pounds and 7 ounces, was named Forever Cierra Cotrice Smith. How did Mom and Dad come up with the unusual moniker? Their family has a tradition that their children’s two middle names come from either mom or dad. They wanted her first name to come from the first initial of her daddy’s name -- Frank -- and he came up with Forever.

Word names

Word names are not totally unheard of. In fact, many names that we are accustomed to hearing have roots in regular words, often coming from the vocabulary of other languages. Others are words that we are familiar with, such as Faith, Lily, Brook, Forest or Lance.

Choosing words that are a little more unusual is definitely a way to come up with a truly unique name. Gwyneth Paltrow seemingly shocked the world when she named her first baby Apple, and more recently, Beyonce’s baby, Blue Ivy, has a pretty awesome -- yet unusual -- name.

Unique names are not limited to celebrity use, but they may have more of an ability to pull it off (although the New Zealand girl named “Talula Does the Hula From Hawaii” certainly didn’t care for her name, was embarrassed to tell her friends what her name was and her parents eventually lost custody of the girl so she could have a new name).

But with the number of beautiful words in the English language, and countless words from other languages, you can bet that new names are being created every day by parents seeking to give their little one a name that stands out from her peers.

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But a successful motor swap-out Wednesday should permit the station to generate the electricity needed to permit attachment of new European and Japanese research modules in February, March and April.The spacewalk is a bit riskier than most for two reasons: A mistake managing the latches that hold the motor and its housing in place could result in the solar panel's inadvertent release; and because of the shock hazard associated with unplugging and replugging power cables that route 160-volt electricity from the array into the station. To eliminate any chance of a potentially fatal shock, the work will take place when the station is in Earth's shadow and the arrays are not generating any significant power."The choreography for the EVA will be very complex, both on orbit and with the ground," Tani said. "Because we're dealing with a solar array that produces kilowatts of power, we have to be very conscientious of when we're going to be opening connections that will expose us to that power. So the bulk of the activities will have to be performed at night when the solar array is not producing any power, or much power, at all."The bearing motor roll ring module, or BMRRM (pronounced "broom"), is roughly the size of a garbage can and weighs more than 200 pounds. Replacing it is complicated, Whitson said, "because it's really the guts of what's holding the solar array in place. And so Dan and I will have to coordinate when we release and grapple onto the (motor housing) canister in order not to lose the solar array. That would lose us a whole lot of style points!"The planned six-and-a-half-hour spacewalk, the 101st devoted to station assembly and maintenance since construction began in 1998 and the first so far this year, is scheduled to begin around 5:20 a.m. Whitson and Tani will exit the Quest airlock module and make their way to the far end of the right-side, or starboard, solar array truss segment. They will await the start of an eclipse period before beginning the repair work.Here is a timeline of events, including when live television from the station is possible (in EST):02:00 AM...Crew wakeup 03:55 AM...Oxygen pre-breathe procedure 04:00 AM...NASA TV coverage begins04:09 AM...ISS TV downlink window opens04:45 AM...ISS TV downlink window closes05:12 AM...ISS TV downlink window opens05:20 AM...Spacewalk begins05:49 AM...ISS TV downlink window closes06:10 AM...ISS TV downlink window opens06:22 AM...ISS TV downlink window closes06:47 AM...ISS TV downlink window opens07:00 AM...Failed BMRRM removal begins in eclipse07:35 AM...ISS TV downlink window closes08:24 AM...ISS TV downlink window opens08:30 AM...New BMRRM installation begins in eclipse09:10 AM...ISS TV downlink window closes10:00 AM...ISS TV downlink window opens10:05 AM...Solar alpha rotary joint inspection begins11:20 AM...ISS TV downlink window closes11:35 AM...ISS TV downlink window opens11:50 AM...Spacewalk ends 12:59 PM...ISS TV downlink window closes"We think the actual remove and replace will take around two-and-a-half hours," said Kieth Johnson, NASA's lead spacewalk planner. "The way we have this planned out, we need to do the critical tasks in an eclipse. So the crew members are going to come out of the airlock and they'll have about 90 minutes to run through all the set up procedures to get them into position. As part of that, they're going to review all the steps that they need to do during the eclipse and they'll go through and make sure all the tethering and everything is routed. We hope to have about 10 minutes of wait time until the eclipse comes up before they jump into the actual tasks of disconnecting the connectors and driving the bolts to remove the failed broom."We have about a 35-minute eclipse period," he said. "And we've been told from the engineering community that about the first minute and the last two minutes of that eclipse are unusable because we're waiting for the power to ramp down at the beginning and then to ramp back up again at the end. So roughly 32-and-a-half, 33 minutes of that time is useful to get the steps complete."We've discussed some back-out plans if we get to the end of the eclipse and we haven't gotten the new broom installed or are having problems, we can remove that broom, set it off to the side, we'll pull a cover over the beta gimbal assembly housing and the crew will have to wait until the next eclipse to start back in and finish the tasks," Johnson said. "What we're hoping to do is get the new broom installed, the center bolt latched and the vice clamp in place. If we have enough time, we're going to go through the rest of the connectors and get it all hooked up."Astronauts Tom Marshburn and Sunita Williams practiced the repair procedure last week in a huge water tank near the Johnson Space Center."They'll want to be very meticulous, making sure they're making the right connections at the right time," Marshburn told reporters. "A little bit of a timeline crunch when they're performing some of the activities during the eclipse. On our run when we actually went through the timeline step by step last Friday at the Neutral Buoyancy Laboratory underwater in the suits, we found it's very doable to get all this done within the time constraints."The starboard side of the station's power truss is made up of a solar alpha rotary joint, or SARJ, and two solar panels making up the starboard 4 - S4 - power module. One wing of the array is known as S4-1A and the other, extending in the opposite direction, is known as S4-3A. The two panels stretch some 240 feet from tip to tip. A second set of arrays, known as S6, will be attached to the starboard power truss next fall.To maximize power generation, the arrays must be constantly repositioned to keep them face on to the sun as the station orbits the Earth. The starboard SARJ, which features a 10-foot-wide motor-driven gear supported by 12 so-called trundle bearings, is designed to turn the outboard arrays like a giant paddle wheel, completing one 360-degree rotation per 90-minute orbit.But the sun's position relative to the space station's orbital path changes from day to day and simply rotating the arrays end over end is not enough to maximize power production. To permit the panels to be aimed to either side of the station's orbital path while the SARJ rotates them as required, each array wing is equipped with a beta gimbal joint. The beta gimbal assembly pivots the blankets from side to side about their long axis in a motion similar to changing the pitch of an airplane propeller.The port-side of the station's power truss is finished and now features four solar array wings. The BGAs on those four wings are working normally, as is the port-side SARJ.But only one set of arrays is in place on the right side of the truss and one of them - panel S4-1A - suffered a BGA failure Dec. 8. Engineers initially believed a cable or some other component might have been hit by space debris or a micrometeoroid. But during a spacewalk inspection by Whitson and Tani on Dec. 18, no such damage was found. Subsequent tests showed the problem involved a fault inside the BGA motor assembly itself, the BMRRM or broom."This kind of a garbage-can sized device not only transmits all of the power from the solar array to the truss structure where it's accumulated and given to the station, but also provides the mechanical connection," Tani said. "So to simply replace this item, we need to use latches that are already in place and make sure those are tied down so that the solar array doesn't go floating away. That's probably the biggest danger to this EVA."The loss of a single BGA would not normally be a critical issue. But NASA is on the verge of launching European and Japanese research modules and the station needs all of the power it can generate.What makes the BGA problem serious in the near term is that earlier this fall, engineers noticed high vibration levels in the starboard SARJ. Impromptu spacewalk inspections revealed unexpected damage to the surface of one bearing race surface and large amounts of metallic shavings, presumably the result of some sort of friction or grinding in the mechanism that eroded the outer layer of the bearing race in question.Engineers still do not understand the root cause of the race ring damage. The current plan is to possibly lubricate the damaged race in the near term and then, during a shuttle visit later this fall, move the 12 bearing assemblies and two drive motors to a redundant inboard gear. But engineers do not want to consider such a drastic step until they figure out what is causing the problem with the active gear and race ring.If time is available after Wednesday's BMRRM changeout, Whitson and Tani will move back to the starboard SARJ for additional inspections.The goal is to collect additional data "to help the ground troubleshoot the problems the SARJ is experiencing," Tani said. "The ground just completed a good visual inspection of that SARJ using the camera on the station's robotic arm. Any data we will get looking under some covers we were not able to access during the last EVA (in December) will provide just additional data to help them figure out what's going on and come up with the best plan to get that SARJ back in action." 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Photo credit: ESA/CNES/Arianespace - Photo Optique Video du CSG - L. MiraAriane 5 set to launch Arab and South Korean satellitesSPACEFLIGHT NOWPosted: June 21, 2010;Updated June 22nd after rolloutThe next Ariane 5 rocket was rolled to the launch pad Tuesday at the Guiana Space Center in South America for Wednesday evening's planned blastoff carrying a pair of satellites for diverse purposes.File image. Credit: ArianespaceArianespace reported Monday's Launch Readiness Review gave consensus to proceed into the final preparations for Flight 195 with the Arabsat 5A communications spacecraft and South Korea's COMS satellite for communications, ocean-watching and weather forecasting.The massive launcher's assembly process started in early March when the cryogenic main stage was erected and the twin solid rocket boosters were brought into position atop the mobile launching platform. The upper stage was attached a few days later.The dual payloads sharing the ride into space were delivered to the launch site in mid-March from their manufacturing homes in Europe to undergo fueling and the pre-launch activities.The Ariane was moved from its buildup hangar to the final assembly site in early June to receive the satellites. The stacking of COMS onto the rocket was followed by installation of the barrel-like payload adapter, Arabsat 5A and the nose cone shroud last week.Now almost ready to fly, the rocket traveled along rail tracks from the assembly site to the ELA-3 launch pad on Tuesday morning to start the countdown.Both payloads are headed for geostationary orbits 22,300 miles above the equator. The Arabsat 5A is destined for a parking slot at 30.5 degrees East and COMS will take up residence at 128.3 degrees East.Arabsat 5A will serve the Arab world with business services and television signal routing. Built jointly by Astrium and Thales Alenia Space using the Eurostar E3000 model design and a 15-year mission life, the craft is equipped with 26 C-band and 24 Ku-band transponders."Arabsat 5A multi-mission satellite will provide additional capacity at 30.5 degrees East for a large range of satellite communications services such as television backhauling and broadcasting, telephony, business communications, Internet trunking and the provision of VSAT and other interactive services, over the whole continent of Africa, Central Asia and Middle East region," said Khalid Balkheyour, Arabsat president and CEO.The Arab Satellite Communications Organization, based in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, has a cluster of orbiting satellites to reach millions of homes in over 100 countries across the Middle East, Africa, Europe and Asia, relaying hundreds of television channels and radio stations.The COMS pa
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He said Snowden might try to use a false passport for travel, and also try to alter his facial appearance by shaving his head and his beard and wearing contact lenses, but would likely be caught.
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"It's always been dangerous work," Hornbostel said, "It's just more visible now. We are operating in some hard places but we have to be there, we have to get the job done. We have to get outside the wires, outside the confines of the compound, talk to people, do the job."
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Posted: March 17, 2005The shutdown of an orientation control gyroscope aboard the internationalspace station will not impact the planned launch of the shuttle Discovery inMay, officials said today, even though only two of the lab's four gyros willbe operating when the orbiter arrives.Station program manager Bill Gerstenmaier also said the loss of controlmoment gyroscope No. 2 early Wednesday would not prevent Discovery's crewfrom making worst-case repairs to the orbiter after docking if the ship'sheat shield tiles or wing leading edge panels were damaged during launch.If such repairs were actually needed, the shuttle might have to bere-oriented using the ship's robot arm to give spacewalking repairmen accessto hard-to-reach areas. While that would be more difficult with just twooperational gyros, Gerstenmaier said station stability could be maintainedusing Russian rocket thrusters instead.And in any case, a new CMG will be installed during Discovery's visit toreplace one that failed in 2002, once again giving the station threeoperational gyros. When CMG-2's faulty circuit breaker eventually isreplaced, the lab complex will once again have four operational CMGs.Gerstenmaier said flight planners are studying the timelines for thethree shuttle spacewalks to determine if it might be possible for Discoveryastronauts Stephen Robinson and Soichi Noguchi to install a fresh remotepower control module during one of their excursions.Mike Fincke, who spent six months aboard the station last year, installedthe unit that failed Wednesday during a spacewalk last summer. He said todayit would probably take Robinson and Noguchi about an hour to complete theswap out if time was available.But the Discovery spacewalk timelines already are tight, training time isshort and it appears more likely the space station's crew will be asked toreplace the unit during a spacewalk after Discovery departs.Gerstenmaier said the power control module has 17 channels and that asuspect transitor believed to be susceptible to failures in identicaldevices used throughout the station apparently caused the gyro circuit totrip open Wednesday. An identical failure knocked CMG-2 off line last year,requiring Fincke and Expedition 9 commander Gennady Padalka to replace theunit.Gerstenmaier said engineers are developing a new design to eliminate thetransistor problem and that in the meantime, he viewed the most recentfailure as a relatively minor glitch.Overall, he said, the space station is in good shape for Discovery'sreturn to flight in mid May. Over the past few days, engineers have beentroubleshooting recurring problems with the station's Russian Elektronoxygen generator. But Gerstenmaier said even if the unit failed today andcould not be restarted, enough stored air is available to supportDiscovery's launching and to support both crews in a "safe haven" mode ifshuttle damage forced NASA to launch a rescue mission.As of today, with the Elektron in operation, the station has enough airto support both crews for at least 45 days, which NASA says is long enoughto get another shuttle to the station in an emergency. A total Elektronfailure in the immediate future would cut into those reserves, butGerstenmaier said enough would be available for safe haven.Telescopes.comLargest selection and the best prices anywhere in the world. Free shipping on select items. is the largest dealer of both Meade and Celestron Telescopes. Visit or call toll free 1-800-303-5873.Columbia ReportA reproduction of the official accident investigation report into the loss of the space shuttle Columbia and its crew of seven. Choose your store: - - - Apollo 12 tribute DVD setNew!Featuring the jovial crew of Pete Conrad, Dick Gordon and Alan Bean, the Apollo 12 mission was struck by lightning shortly after liftoff but proceeded on the second successful exploration voyage to the lunar surface. This three-disc DVD brings the mission to life with extraordinary detail.Choose your store: - - - Fallen Heroes special patchThis special 12-inch embroidered patch commemorates the U.S. astronauts who made the ultimate sacrifice, honoring the crews o
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Two years ago, Peer review is far from perfect - especially in a politicised arena such as climate science where some journals exist with a specific, ostracised by the rest of their family. follow me, The Lions secured their first series victory in 16 years Jamie Roberts, Four tries tonight was a vindication of that. The battles erupted after protesters, told Reuters news agency: "It's an illegitimate government, The airport's submission to the Davies Commission, Mr Johnson said London needed to match foreign cities which had constructed "mega airports".
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post.Mr Morsi resigned from his position as head of the FJP and Muslim Brotherhood's guidance bureau after his victory was announced,3 July 2013Last updated at 22:18 GMT Profile: Egypt's Mohammed Morsi By Yolande KnellBBC News On 3 July
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