Will Make Full Recovery

A story that is almost too bizarre to believe -- a 7-month-old baby was admitted to the hospital for neck swelling, only to have a 2-inch long feather emerge from her neck.

Happy mom and baby

In a medical mystery that fortunately has a happy ending, Mya Whittington’s parents were first alerted that there was a problem when they noticed some swelling on her neck. They opted to keep an eye on it until the next morning when it started to look a lot less like a swollen gland and a lot more like something strange and scary.

A feather?

Little Mya was admitted to the hospital and her doctors thought she had a staph infection in a lymph node. They tried to drain it, but nothing came out. Later, her parents noticed that a string of some sort appeared to be coming out if it. They let her physician know, and to everyone’s surprise, he pulled out a 2-inch feather.

She will happily make a full recovery and won’t even remember experiencing it. Fortunately, her parents took pictures, which are so bizarre to look at.

How it happened

The thing is, nobody is totally sure what happened. Her parents report that she has been a little fussy the last few weeks. They thought she was suffering from some teething pain, or maybe her ears were bothering her. Doctors surmise that she either ate or breathed in a feather, possibly from a feather pillow, that became lodged and then worked its way out, much like a splinter will from the skin of your hand. Luckily she never choked on the feather, so the hard part is over for baby Mya.

Babies her age are very curious and love to mouth things, so chances are if she found a stray feather near her play area, she probably tried to get it in her mouth on her own. Babies are opportunistic little creatures -- if they see something, they usually want it.

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